BHRR’s Miss Tilly – the Great Dane from the hoarding situation went in for her Spay yesterday. 
~14 months old

The home must have obtained her from another as though myself, Sean and two Vets at two different Hospitals were not able to find a Spay scar – when we surgically went in, she had been spayed at some point. Hoarders generally do not alter their pets – so, we are thinking that before this home got her, she had been spayed at a super young age. Just a supposition….

Once she recovers, we will do her professional photo shoot and then she will have her own special announcement to make! 

We have done all of her proactive and preventative vetting since her arrival in May. Her Spay plus microchip were the last things left to do.

This girl is a WOW dog! Just a treat and a total sweetheart! Fabu!!

A great starter Dane for a home wanting a Dane yet, has never had one before too!

We know already when it is time to take applications for her, that we shall also consider homes with children as young as 8.

She weighed almost 103 pounds so has put on some great muscle mass and tone! Almost 11 pounds. She is an amazing personality plus temperament in a smaller framed Dane body. Lovely conformation.

From our home to all of our friends, family & supporters, warmest good night wishes are being sent!