My last post of my night as it has been a truly exhausting, stressful plus worrisome journey to save these puppies…..for many many weeks.

Three of the five that survived in this litter are now reunited, all five are special needs. BHRR’s Glacier, BHRR’s Sleet & Summit.

I think they remembered each other! 

To all reaching out to us asking what they need, at this time we could really use no slip bowls for the floor and after we have our own trusted team of Vets examine BHRR’s Sleet & BHRR’s Glacier tomorrow night, we will know more re: their Vet Bills.

As people may remember from an earlier post, we will be removing Summits one eye, he battles constant eye infections – and are monitoring his other eye closely, have to remove at least four teeth and those are just his baby ones…we will have to see re: his adult ones plus he has his left front leg twisting. He has IBS issues too. He is deaf/blind.

These are special needs Dane puppies and they can come with a whole list of medical concerns ranging from skin, heart, neuro, eye, ear, auto immune, have IS etc.

Summits litter-mates are also deaf/blind, both have eye infections, BHRR’s Sleet has an umbilical hernia, has a small amount of coloured nasal discharge and her brother is also a bit wonky on his hind end.

White Great Danes are not rare. They are all too common and it breaks my heart that people Breed to line their pockets and care not for what happens to these puppies when they are born. 

Our first fundraiser of 2019 is coming up soon and all monies shall go towards their mounting bills. We are ISO of Bakers for human and/or doggie goodies for this Annual Fundraiser. It is our 6th Annual Breaking Bills Baking Online Auction! Please do email if you would like to donate an item or more!

Nothing needs to be made until the online auction is over, so it is fresh and your location does not have to be near us as people support us from all over and gives people a chance to bid on goodies in their own area(s)! 

From our home to all of our friends, family and supporters, Happy New Year to you and good night wishes being sent….I know I shall have some peace in my heart tonight…