Happy New Year! 

Instead of posting my own rescue year end statement, I am going to post my rescue beginning year picture…..while many were at home enjoying the New Year’s day with family and/or friends, we were out doing our first rescue of the year…..

Rescue is 24/7, 365 days a year! 

AND! We got them! Both Special Needs Great Dane Puppies. This picture is moments after we got them and gave them some food. 

Thank you’s extended to Elizabeth once more for coming with me on such short notice to bear witness plus to help. We ended up paying $300 for the one puppy, not $600. We had $250 in rescue saving donations given and I covered the remainder from my own pocket. What we wanted or ideal? No, not at all. Do I worry about this being a dangerous precedent yes, yet, we now have both puppies safe from harm. 

Both will be heading to KAH tomorrow for vetting. Both have eye infections, both are deaf plus blind, the female also has an umbilical hernia plus we have to get a closer look at his hind end. Both have now had much needed baths and will be getting their extremely long nails trimmed shortly. They will receive thorough exams, have their next de-wormings plus fecals also done. 

ISO: a BHRR Approved Volunteer for extra hands tomorrow night at KAH 6:45 PM to help love and hold them. Please do email gwen@birchhaven.org Please do not post here as we may miss your kind offer!

Before anyone asks…..They are NOT available For Adoption. 

These puppies are barely 9 weeks old and what they have gone through to date has been so wrong. We will right that wrong…..

Her name is BHRR’s Sleet & his name is BHRR’s Glacier. Sean has spoken! 

Welcome to BHRR Babies!