February 28th, 2018

We are Birch Haven Rescue & Rehabilitation Services(BHRR) located in Eastern Ontario, Canada. We are a federally registered Great Dane/Giant Breed Rescue that has been operating since 1996. We focus strongly on the special needs and provide a safe Haven for those dogs that are deemed unadoptable due to medical and/or behavioural reasons. 

The purpose of this page is for supporters of the Brazil to Canada – Dane Angel Network to come together to help rescue/save another special needs Dane puppy. 

This sweet girl came on our radar February 14th and we are now in a position to mobilize to assist her!

We would like to call her ‘Valentine’ or ‘Cupid’. She is ~5 months of age, a female Harle GD. 

She comes from a horrific situation and she will require surgery on her hind end. She is also visually impaired. 

This is second biggest rescue effort to date and we need your support to make a miracle happen for this deserving puppy!

She is currently residing with an *independent* rescuer in Brazil and her chance of a quality filled future is slim. 

We will need to move her to a Vet Clinic to be boarded until we can organize all of her Vetting prior to transport such as Vaccines, De-worming – more than once, Fecals – more than once, Heartworm Preventative – monthly, Flea/Tick Preventative and she will need to have pre-operative blood-work in order for her to be spayed prior to transport. We will also need to test her for Distemper and make sure she is free from screwworm. 

We will need to pay for food, toys, blankets and other comforts too.

Boarding is $30/Day. She will need to be boarded for at least one month. 

AND we will need to figure out her crates size, Health Certificates that includes an International one and all Custom plus other legal paperwork required. 

Our strong position is that dogs do not know countries or borders. A dog in need is a dog in need and these are the next in need of our specialised programs. This is why we were founded in 1996.

We will be working with a local Pet Transport Company as we want to ensure that everything is done by experts to ensure her safe passage from Brazil to Canada. 

We know this shall be a costly rescue mission and our goal is to have her here within 6-8 weeks after we meet all vetting and paperwork requirements. So we have a tight deadline!

This You Caring Page is for angels to come together in support with  fundraising to help this sweet baby – we are told that she is really uber sweet! – that is deep in need of the BHRR Village to come together to surround her with kindness & helping hands.

For her to have any quality filled life – most dogs, not all – in Brazil are also kept outside, she will need a Haven such as Birch Haven Rescue & Rehabilitation Services(BHRR) that can help her live to their full potential of happy quality filled lives! We will ensure that all of her medical, emotional and comfort needs/wants are committed to for her life!

Donations can also be made via email transfer too! gwen@birchhaven.org

Donations can also be made via PayPal too! gwen@birchhaven.org

Please also consider donating your Empties! 

Please help us help her…..with sincerest gratitude and humble thanks, please work with us to get them to Canada.