BHRR’s Sawyer was at the Vet tonight.

He weighed a nice and slim/lean 45.8 kg(100.76 pounds) at 8 months of age. 

He did fantastic meeting everyone and was a good boy for his pre-op bloodwork including testing for Heartworm plus Tickborne Diseases. 

He had a thorough exam and was given a thumbs up to be scheduled for his neuter – which shall be March 8th!

He will be microchipped at that time and given a good nail trim. 

He is now on Bravecto for fleas/ticks preventative and also being proactively/preventatively de-wormed. 

His leash manners are a heck of a lot better than when he first arrived February 22nd and his car ride to the Vet tonight was AMAZING! 

He really has come a LONG way in such a short time and as per my one post, that is not all because of me…my Bakers Dozen Pups have been teaching him so MUCH! 

He is letting me groom him and we are getting lots of loose hair, drool mats etc. out of him and I was even able to give him a small bath today…MASSIVE progress. 

He wanted to toss his weight around a bit when his Vet checked his ears, yet he settled down well and the Vet had a good look at his ears. 

Heart/lungs all wonderful and everyone remarked on what a handsome boy he is! AND he is! 

I ordered a DNA kit for fun last week yet in person, you can truly see the Pyr in him…so, I am going to stick with Saint/Pyr for now as the obvious choices for him per his previous homes’ documention. At the end of the day, it truly does not matter….for the right matched personality fit home, it shall not matter either. 

He is going to need a home – once he is ready for adoption – that is experienced, and for all of our dogs takes a positive balanced approach to good manners/obedience. 

Cannot state it enough…consistency, structure, routine and clear open communication is so intregral to any dog’s set up for success story. 

He also will need a home that does not mind drool for he is a drooling monster! 

As he was never properly allowed to run and did not obtain enough exercise – emotional and physical, especially off-leash – in his previous home, within less of 24 hours of being in our our home, he had scaled our brick wall and just wanted to run and run he did! When he was done racing and zipping plus zooming, he was so happy! 

The reality for people to know is that he can scale 6 foot walls without any effort!