Mr. Squishie was at the Vet on Monday February 26th!

He is now 21.4kg(47.08 pounds) and will soon be 5 months of age. 

This is his face after the other dogs told him what ‘de-twinkling’ was.  

BHRR’s Booker is now healthy to be neutered(de-twinkled) and he is scheduled for March 14th. We will microchip at that time too. 

His pre-op bw was done on Monday night and all has come back normal! 

He is also scheduled for his professional photo shoot on March 9th! 

If all goes well, within the next month, he will be ready to make his own special announcement! 

This is one amazing special pup that has a huge hold on my heart and I know was also in his bff’s own heart….BHRR’s Carlsberg and vice versa… 

We know some things already yet all will be posted on his adoption availability announcement. 

Two examples:

1) He will not go to a home with children under the age of 8 or to homes planning/wanting children. Infants, toddlers and small children terrify him. 

They do not make him feel 100% comfortable, safe or relaxed. He is deeply stressed. 

2) With all of the rehab done on his back left leg, he will also not be approved to go to a home that is super active. That would ruin him.