So, Andrea, Maíra & I are an all go on our end to try and make another miracle happen…..

We are going to try a YouCaring Fundraiser Page this time as the fees are ‘less’ than the GoFundMe page. BHRR used YouCaring for BHRR’s Angel Noelle many years ago…..

It is going to cost us $30/day JUST to board her and she has to board at a Vet Hospital. Andrea is not able to board her.

We are also asking people to please consider donating their Empties to her cause.

I am working on a flash auction item to help with costs and we have a lot of work ahead of us yet Team ‘Valentine’ is ready and we hope that she will have a village step up to help us help her too! 

Here is her YouCaring Page and we shall update as we can…..

More details to be posted as we go along re: her story…..