BHRR’s Rain – 7+ years old
*One of our Perma-Fosters*

Her brother, BHRR’s Beau was successfully rehabbed at BHRR and then adopted March 7th, 2012.

Today, BHRR’s Rain was one of three BHRR dogs at the Vets… times!

She is battling ear infections, so she was seen at LAH today.

AND while she was there, I was off with BHRR’s Booker and The Bakers Dozen of BHRR’s Murray to KAH – I will do another update on them….yet, poor BHRR’s Murray has taken a HUGE slide backwards as can happen with Puppy Strangles. They can and do often have a re-lapse. More on that shortly.

Also a small update on BHRR’s Rain from her perma-foster mom:

Here is a mini update on BHRR Rain.She had a blast on Christmas opening up her Secret Santa gift. She was spoiled again this year.

She has been loving the snow, hikes in the forest and checking on her chickens.”

Thank you to her amazing perma-foster home for loving on her and keeping her safe and happy!