McGee is now home and has been laid to rest. Heidi brought me his X-Ray and I will be bringing it to my own vets when I work tonight to get their thought processes. When Heidi, DozeR and Michael came on the 3rd to bring me his body, we spent a few hours together talking about many things including McGee and it was a bittersweet time. I asked one of the vets at my Hospital to take a look at his X-Ray and he along with one techs who also saw the X-Ray were in agreement with me that his stomach was unbelievably huge, lots of gas and that it is hard to tell what may have been happening around his spleen as it looked completely pushed over. The vet’s words were that this was the worse case of bloat he has ever seen. It made me feel a bit better in that we made the best decision possible in ending what had to have been unimaginable suffering for McGee. I have a little better closure now in respect to the toughest words I feel I ever have to give regarding a loved animal. McGee’s light will burn brightly in our memories and a candle has been lit in his honour.