I have been meaning to write an update for Mazda for awhile now. When she arrived, it was clear that she had not been thrown from a vehicle as previously told to us. She did not have one mark on her to indicate any trauma of that type. Mazda went to the vet’s tonight and her weight was hard to obtain as the Hospital was busy and I also had Buster. She went up on the scale beautifully, yet no one was there to catch an accurate weight and with Buster there, I was not comfortable handing him off to anyone else to hold to try again. We will re-weigh her when she is spayed yet from what we could gather she is around 46KGs(100 lbs). I did her nails tonight for they are very long and we will work on training the quicks back. The Vet believes her to be about 1.5 years of age (November 2004) and definitely less than 2 years; so he concurs with my thought process that she is not less than 1 years of age. In respect to her ‘heat’; it looks like she is about 4-6 weeks out of her heat and the vet could feel no sign of puppies inside of her. We will wait until the swelling goes down a bit more and her uterus has some more time to get back to normal before spaying her; so probably in another 6+ weeks. We did a HW test and also microchipped her while we were there. SHE is an amazing girl! So calm, gentle and patient. Happy and wagging her tail to all that walked by and her behavour is so much more like an older Dane than one that is still a puppy. She is a real doll of a Dane and is going to make someone’s home very enriched! The Vet also said while I was there, that he cannot be sure yet there was the extreme smallest of possibilities that she might have a very very very faint HM. He was not concerned or worried for he said it was a very remote chance and we will monitor and do a follow-up at the time that she is expected to be spayed to know for sure. With Buster also there tonight, ultrasounds, X-Rays etc. were not possible. This Vet sees my Frost “T” and also saw McGee and is very experienced when it comes to ‘heart’ dogs; so I am not concerned at this time either. We will monitor and be proactive yet wanted to post all vet findings for anyone that might be considering applying to adopt her for we believe in full disclosure. Her heartbeat and pulse were not abnormal. Updates will be posted. Other than the one pee accident in the house shortly after her arrival; Mazda has been a model Gal! She is very quiet and ladylike inside the house yet will play with any Dane that is willing outside. She is interacting with 9 other Danes to date without any issues. The only issue comes when she eats inside her crate and Fancy gets too close(she will grump)yet when it is bedtime they both share the bed with Sean without any problems. When I was driving to the Vet Hospital tonight, she sat on the front seat with her front feet on the floor looking like the ‘Queen’ she is out surveying her kingdom. She took the treats offered to her from the vet very gently and on the drive home; she slept with her head in my lap. This Dane is so wonderful.