Just before 11 PM on May 2nd, 2006; McGee’s Perma-Foster family(Heidi) called me to say that McGee was bloating.

Advised to get him to their Vet Hospital as it is much closer than where I live ASAP and to keep me posted. I was called after he was assessed (around that time he did vomit up bile and his supper) and then again after his X-Rays were done.

He was twisted in at least three spots that they could see and Heidi’s vet also thought she might have seen something else near his spleen in the X-Ray. Hard to tell she said. His pulse and heart beat were high and irregular and with his DCM condition; his chances were stated as being ‘0-none’ for survival in trying to do surgery.

He has been a large member of our program, our home and then Heidi’s as a perma -foster since his arrival to us in 2004. He was just days shy of celebrating his 9th birthday.

All medical objectivity and rescue professionalism just gets lost when you have to make the most difficult decision ever regarding one of your beloved animals.

Just after midnight the morning of May 3rd, McGee was allowed to cross over. Before letting Heidi go on the phone, I asked her to give him a hug for me and to say good-bye to him. McGee was to come to Pet Expo 2006 in June as an ambassador for Great Danes and BHRR. He is going to be very much deeply missed.

Heidi and Michael will be bringing me his body this evening(May 3rd, 2006) so that he can be laid to rest amongst all of our other cherished animals overlooking the springfed pond and our house.

McGee was truly adored and had the best that life could offer.