BHRR’s Ryder! He was supervising me getting gas on the way in for his surgery consult. 

He had his neuter and eye repair done on August 31st.

Per his surgeon, once he was operating, he told us that it was not Cherry Eye as we know it. What BHRR’s Ryder had was eversion of the cartilage of the nictitating membrane.

This was repaired and his surgeon told Sean upon pick-up that his eye would look bad for at least five days. Sadly, we have seen zero improvement in these five days and BHRR’s Ryder has been getting his eye drops every 8 hours plus wearing a cone. 

He is scheduled to go back to the surgeon on Thursday for a recheck.

In other BHRR news – BHRR’s Lacey was spayed today and charmed all as these Saint Ladies tend to do!  Once she has recovered, she will be ready to make her own special announcement. She is such an adorable patient! 

This now leaves us remaining to do BHRR’s Daffodil’s own Spay and mass removal and this was originally scheduled for September 13th yet we are now on active baby watch with BHRR’s Gem at this time too so, day by day!

We do remain ISO: auction items, draw prizes plus surprise loot bag goodies(40) for our upcoming annual popular and incredibly unique BHRR ‘Dine With The BHRR Doggies!’ We only host 4 planned fundraisers a year and this year’s monies raised shall go towards BHRR’s Gem and her unborn babies.

Any consideration as always would be so appreciated…..

From our home to all of our supporters, friends & family, good night wishes being sent…