BHRR’s Gus! 
Available For Adoption!

He was at KAH tonight for his annual. He sure made his presence known that we were there! 

He is now almost 120 pounds of solid lean muscle mass. He is a power house of a boy with not one mean bone in his body. Exhuberant and not happy when dogs and people alike did not flock immediately to his side for him to be loved on. 

He still is a bit mouthy when he is asked to do something and he does not want to. We work through it and he resorts back to being an eager to please and demonstrating his excellent sit, lay down and stay plus gentle commands in manners. He still has moments where he will almost throw himself on the floor, swim a bit with his legs and be quite dramatic. When he realises that we are not going to entertain or cater to his wee bratty moments, he settles beautifully. Kudos to him for continuing to try and keep me on my toes here and there to see if he can wear me down. 

He was complimented on his really nice shiny healthy coat and received a thumbs up on his Vet visit. 

His anxiety in the car while greatly lessened is still somewhat present and I give him a smoked knuckle bone to chew on while we travel. Going home is always a breeze…The going out is what is hard on him. Gets into the car no issues and is happy to go for a ride yet once we are on the road longer than about ten minutes, you can still witness his anxiety levels and we give him a calming word and then passively ignore. He goes from then having periods of some whining to being happy to look out the windows or chomp on his knuckle bone. Good boy! Huge progress!

He had similar anxiety moments in the waiting room at KAH for all in close range to hear.  Being quiet to then whining and then settling well and then whining a bit again. He has his abandonment issues.

Thank you so much to one Vet for taking a few precious moments to love on him before BHRR’s Gus went into his apt. with another Vet. BHRR’s Gus soaked it all up and was so happy!

He loves attention – in his mind it should always be about him! – and he received lots of positive attention when he showed us proper displays of behaviour. More than one client at the Hospital wanted to visit with him and I only asked them to please wait until he was exhibiting the right behaviours and then they could love on him all they wanted.  So many kind people in the world so open and willing to help us set the dogs up for success and thank you to each and every one of these wonderful souls tonight!

We remain wanting to see BHRR’s Gus in an extremely experienced dog home. One that is not going to cater to his negative seeking behaviours and know how to properly handle his still sometimes mouthy behaviour with a positive balanced approach plus understand his SA moments and will be patient, understanding and effective with that plus his freight training leash manners that still crop up in distracted moments.

He was ‘babied’ in his past and that shows big time in how he works to manipulate a situation with his weight and mouth and in his SA moments.

He is such a nice boy. A mush and so affectionate and with the right continued directed guidance is going to keep reaching his full potential. Just a really amazing boy that is just a wee bit rough around the edges.  Aren’t we all in our own ways?!