This stunning BBBBB was once known a D211 – Dane #211. Yup…just a number to track how much money was made off the babies they forced her to pump out.  

She is safe now and while D211 was her identity to her horrific puppymillers, to us we have called her *BHRR’s Gem*. For she is one…precious and valuable.

Terrified, not even 100 pounds – and this is while heavily pregnant, covered in wounds/scars – you can even see some of them along her side, chest and neck in the one photo I will post in her thread, oozing infection, horrible overgrown nails plus has Giardia and is petrified of the dark.

She now has three night lights to help her feel a little more safe at night.

Yesterday, we were finally able to trim her nails back – her first nail trim in her life. Yesterday, we also managed to give her her very first ear cleaning.

Scared and ranging from catatonic to major flight mode, Brazilian Dane Baby Jackson has not left her side since I made the 20+ hour round trip to assist in this bust and then took her home with me as she needs us so badly right now….AND It took two days before she finally rested. He is her Guardian Dane and he is going to help her heal a lot.

She paces a lot less now than she did upon arrival and depending on the time of day, either wants to stay outside or refuses to go outside.

Per another post, we have been busy working quietly behind the scenes as we ready everything for the litter of babies she is expecting within 7-10 days. The object you see to the right is her custom whelping box that Sean’s & Mason made – 8 x 5 x 4. The one made for BHRR’s Marbles was 6 x 5 x 3 and BHRR’s Gem needs more room to feel comfortable.

We did an u/s the day after she arrived and I quickly saw ~5 babies and the Vet when they looked up, caught at least 3 before she became overwhelmed and we understandably stopped. We also attempted after giving her a break to get x-rays to gauge just how many babies she is expecting & to get a better idea of due date so we could best prepare yet in her fear, this was not possible. She lost control of her bowels, anal glands and urinated herself and I asked for the x-ray attempts to stop as nothing is worth seeing any dog that way. We know she is pregnant and will have to take things as they come. The x-rays that they managed to take were not useful and so be it. Her stress level needs to be lowered not further raised. I worry about her needing a c-section as she is so tiny yet her belly is so huge. Yet, one step at a time….I have been lining up my ducks in a row and several Hospitals, depending on time of day are aware that we may be calling upon them for their surgical assistance. We would also Spay her at the same time she had the c-section.

We did run a fecal and she is on treatment for Giardia and being proactively de-wormed. She is on antibiotics for her wounds.

She is only the 15th dog for us to assist in 2017. She most likely shall be the last we can assist in 2017 along with her unborn babies for we have to remain about quality, not quantity. Unless, we have more approved adoptions, our doors shall remain closed for intake until 2018.

In going through the list of items we still need for her and her puppies, I am posting here in case someone may have what what we are looking for or may consider our cause:

1) Flannel Fitted Sheets – Queen or Twin
2) Pillows
3) Blankets/Duvets/Comforters
4) Pet Valu Gift Cards
5) Pee Pads
6) Powdered Esbilac – 794 g is the better value
7) Large to XL Stuffies
8) Pinesol
9) 7 cases of PVD Essential Care Puppy canned food – Vet Food
10) 9 x 8 kg bags of PVD Essential Care Puppy Kibble – Vet Food 
11) XL Costco Dog Bed
12) Dane sized durable/appropriate puppy play toys 
13) Laundry Soap
14) Fabric Softener

BHRR’s Gem has a file set up at both Liston Animal Hospital 613-591-0966 as well as Kanata Animal Hospital 613-836-2848.

Email Transfer: 

We will keep everyone updated as we can….

Thank so in advance to all for any consideration as always! 

She is naturally camera shy so pictures are not easy to get….