These two cuties were at Kanata Animal Hospital last night!

BHRR’s Gravel – he has put on another five pounds! He is now 48.3 kgs(106.23 pounds). He could still use another 7 pounds or so. Mel & Danya, remember the terrified reactive boy at the pound?! Remember how you had to rush down to the pound Danya?! Look at him now. Chilling, relaxed and comfortable as he waits his turn to see the Vet.  He can be a real ham at times now. Love when he has those moments as he is really enjoying life when he does.

BHRR’s Flyn – she has put on 11 more pounds! She now weighs 47.3 kgs(103.4 pounds) She needs about 5 or more pounds herself. She is a super quiet and calm girl. Very mysterious in many ways as she slowly continues to reveal herself to us. Really liking this girl….she is so much more than meets the eye and earning her trust has been sure and steady.

Both are doing great! Their Vet just loves their coats. BHRR’s Gravel’s once dry, seborrhoea coarse unhealthy coat is now shiny and healthy!

BHRR’s Flyn’s is slowly turning into a glossy shiny black herself! All that old sun exposed, dull hair is leaving!

Both have gained beautiful muscle tone and mass and are really gorgeous Danes!

Both were quite easy going for their boosters plus exams and BHRR’s Flyn can now safely have her spay now that she is healthy.

Today, they were to have their professional photo’s done in prep for their future special announcements yet the heat was really unbearable. They have both been rescheduled to next Tuesday.

Soon, my amazing journey’s with these two gorgeous Danes shall begin a new chapter….

Thanks again Mason for coming with me with them last night!