Update: December 11th @12:22 AM: I am just back as Sean called me to say that BHRR's Potter stood up on his own. We managed to get him outside yet he was too weak to stand long on his own and did not pee. THOUGHT, he might yet sadly not and it is so cold outside. Carried him back in(WHAT an incredibly brave and awesome boy Potter is) and got him settled. He wants to go into the masterbedroom. This is his 'safe' spot and 'den'. It was the same when he had his leg amputated. He spent one night in the triage area and that was it. He was determined that he was going on our kingsize bed and we debated about doing this for him tonight yet felt that he really should stay where he is, even if we took all the other dogs out of the room. I know he might rest better and feel more comfortable, mentally yet we want him quiet and completely undisturbed as possible. In fact, we do not even have him in our usual 'triage' area. We have him in the rec room downstairs. A place he likes to visit yet not stay long. We made the next hour and we are on to the 1:00 AM goal. Please pray that he will feel better come the AM and want to eat a little something……I have both his Baytril and Amoxicillin in pill format and they are to be given with food. If he shall not eat, I will see at KAH about giving him his meds via his IV.

Total Raised to Date: $695.00
Vet Bills to Date: $2,000 and Rising

Potters Angels:

Alex & Karen