BHRR’s Steam AKA Steam Boat is generating interest again and some of the same questions are being asked that are answered in her very detailed blog.

We work hard to keep our blogs up to date. We try to be so detailed and to provide as much information as possible so that people can best determine if their home is going to qualify to adopt her. All of our adoption processes plus policies can also be found on both of our websites. We will only approve a right matched personality fit forever loving home for her.

BHRR is not desperate to adopt our dogs, never have been. She is not desperate to be adopted. She is normal to her and to all that love her. She is not to be felt sorry for or pitied. She lives an amazing life with us in our home – not boarded or in an outside kennel. She has three plus acres fenced in for her enjoyment.

We are going to write the following blog post to pull together various information found in her blog for a *one stop* reading blog post. Perhaps, this shall assist some that have been thinking about her. 🙂

1) BHRR’s Steam is DEAF – she has not been BAER tested and could she possibly *hear* something 1-2% or a bit more, who knows. For all intents and purposes she is deaf. She does not respond to the typical deaf tests  – ie sleeping and clapping hands behind her head – not too close as to generate a *breeze*.  Dropping pots and pans – not too close or the vibration will be felt. Calling her name when she is asleep or looking elsewhere elicits zero response etc.
2) BHRR’s Steam is not BLIND – She is visually impaired. There is not a medical test that exists to date that will test the percentage of eyesight that a dog has. Eyesight is the weakest sense in a dog. Does she see up to 30%? Perhaps. She responds like a pro to both ASL signs, basic obedience signs plus our custom signs as when you own a deaf dog, you have to learn to communicate with one hand for often you are something in your other hand – leash, groceries, purse, keys, etc. She also knows touch plus scent training as she is brilliant and loves her obedience work.
3) BHRR’s Steam was born this way due to her genetics. She was not injured or abused in any manner that *caused* her to be deaf/visually impaired.
4) BHRR will not consider a home that will just let her run loose in fields, parks etc. – The photo below is from a special picnic snack play date that she had and she was put on a harness and a long lead so that she could enjoy splashing in the water. She needs to be kept safe.
5) BHRR’s Steam is healthy and happy. If she had any known medical conditions, they would have been fully disclosed in her blog. A copy of her medical records will be given to any right matched forever loving adoptive home and we bring them to a home-visit for said records to be reviewed by the possible approved adoptive home.

If a home is serious about applying to adopt, please do take the time to read her thorough blog – from the very bottom up – and read our FAQ and adoption processes plus policies.