BHRR’s Maple is ready to make her own special announcement!


This was the extreme fear aggressive Dane that we were asked to assist in August of 2015. She is now about 22 months of age.

Yes, August of 2015. It took 6 months before I could even make her comfortable enough to be touched and handled and then get all of her vetting done. Her trust, once hard won has helped her to relax and enjoy life as a dog instead of feeling like she only had herself to rely on and had to step up to *show the world* that she wants to just be left alone.

Never any rush….we work at the dogs’ pace with their rehabilitation.

She has learned about helping, caring, loving hands, not hurting or cruel hands.

Many have now met this goofy, affectionate, quirky, loves to counter surf stunning beauty and have witnessed how far she has come along in her journey down a road of learning that she will not be hurt, manhandled or neglected.

She was extremely undersocialised and she feels so much more confident plus comfortable in social settings now and exhibits much better dog to dog communication in meeting new dogs. Before she was stressed and intimidated and it was a rush up and *I must body bump them and demonstrate that I am the boss and they will leave me alone* attitude.

Now, she shows interest in any new dog, and she is much more likely – no issues here with any new dog interactions as she knows that we will take care of all – to show curiosity and friendliness.

She was never a mean dog and most certainly not a bad dog…she was a clearly misunderstood dog and once someone understood her, her worries, her stressors, her triggers and gave her space, time, patience and understanding with structure plus routine(so she never had to *guess* what was expected of her), not to mention love and quite a few treats in the beginning!; she has revealed how truly loving, and wonderful she really is and has been hiding deep inside her.

She needs an experienced dog home, not necessarily an experienced Dane home that will show her boundaries, not cross them yet continue to give her life experiences to show her that the world is a big oyster of so much joy, happiness and fun!

She is housebroken, crate trained, travels wonderfully in a car, and once she trusts a human, that trust is solid. When her trusted humans are not around – ie when she was dropped off to be spayed – where first she was an uber loving goof to the staff – she was then worried and nervous. That is ok! Slow and steady she goes….

She can go to a home with or without a right personality matched fit other dog already in the home. She enjoys the company of other dogs and when she plays, *game on!*. As long as she has her network of friends that is what is most important to keep her being this truly magnificent dog that she is.

We have noted that transports on the highway tend to make her sit up and while she is not showing fear and does not bark, you can tell that every once in a while, a semi will make her feel a bit uneasy. I just give her a calming word, she looks at me and then lays back down. Nothing major, just a notation. 🙂

I shall never forget when I went to pick her up and she was in the run….she was terrified and barking at me….she was completely and utterly scared.

Those days are long gone and she has met so many great people both here and out and about and people marvel at how far she has come. I am proud of you BHRR’s Maple. So proud…..

Your quirkiness is a part of you and makes you that amazing dog you are and that right matched forever loving home will *get it* and continue to build upon the strong foundations we have built here.

BHRR’s Maple has now *told me* that she is ready…ready to have that home meant for her to find her! 🙂

She is such a mixture of spice and sugar this one! 😀

Thank you Liz again for the beautiful photo’s and to Julie for the extra loving hands at this professional photo session on September 14th.

img_2043 img_2059