My last post of my night!

Someone is settling in extremely well!

Sean has chosen a name: BHRR’s Steam AKA “Steam Boat”

AND, one young human lady is also loving her!

BHRR’s Steam began playing for the first time last night, with one of my own special needs Great Danes – “Salt”.

She is eating well, and we are ISO: the following items if anyone may have something they may consider donating.

1) Durable toys – KONGS, Rope Toys etc. suitable for an 18 pound 11 month old pup
2) XL Stuffies from Value Village as she does some crying in her crate and she loves to snuggle with ‘Salt’s’ and ‘BHRR’s Baby Kaos’ yet, they use theirs at night also.
3) A small leash for an 18 pound dog – she came with one yet I always like to have a back-up
4) a dog coat – she is so skinny and in these quickly cooling temps
5) a soft bristle brush for an 18 pound dog – mine are uber huge!

Thanks so much in advance!