My heart is so full of so much happiness!!

Today, BHRR saw BHRR’s Bishop, The Bish be ADOPTED!!

My heart is just bursting……

He is another absolutely amazing Great Dane that has waited so patiently for so long, all of us also for that that right matched home to find him!

He was overlooked for so many reasons, being a Merle – some are as equally scared if not more so of the Merle Giants, others were ‘scared’ off as he is an ‘old’ in body Great Dane even though he is 4-5 years of age, others were not interested as he did come to BHRR very ill and it took thousands of dollars to figure things out for him. Then, you had the people that did not even ‘notice’ him at our open houses etc….while being a dog that ached and craved and wanted love and attention, The Bish always was not sure how to go about asking strangers for it and was worried about being hurt by them….a more quiet and shy guy, the strong silent kind, he lacked confidence for so long in letting people he was not sure of know he had such a big heart inside and wanted them to ‘see’ him….

When he was successfully rehabbed, he was placed up for adoption in 2013 and he waited and waited and so did we…..

Well, the tears did well up yet, I held them in check for today, he is now ‘home’…..where he is meant to be and while my journey and final chapter of such a beautiful emotional book comes to a close with him, his new book is now going to begin with the future of a wonderful life with a really nice couple.

Love you Bish… much….sleeping at night shall never be quite the same without your cold wet nose mischievously nuzzling me under the blankets to get my attention! 

Typing on my computer will have less spelling errors as your head will no longer be there to bump me telling me it is time to take a break and go for a walk or snuggle!

I am going to miss so much about our time together yet, I could not happier with the home you ended up with…..

Thank you to this home for ‘seeing’ him and believing in him and falling in love with him long before you even actually met him.

Thank you Alex for the extra eyes, hands – especially with BHRR’s Raven….the giggles!! – and for your valuable input and insight as not only a BHRR Volunteer yet as a BHRR adoptive home yourself. Priceless input imparted….

BHRR’s Raven was a great fit also…..yet, their current home set-up is better suited to The Bish and he was their first heart choice from the very beginning of this adoptive process. BHRR’s Raven, how much farther you have come since the last home-visit you helped with in September!!

Your own forever loving home is out there and, you are a precious gem that will be forever cherished when that home does come along…….

Now for the drive home!!

Happy gorgeous Sunday to all!!