BHRR’s Skye!
~2-3 year old Neo

She is ready to make her own special announcement!

She has walked an incredible journey of rehabilitation during her time with us.

With a patient, kind and understanding hand, she has relaxed so much since she came into Rescue. No longer confused, scared or feeling lost, she has come out of her shell and is affectionate, playful, goofy and a real ham!

She is eager to please, and sometimes a bit too eager with her mouth taking treats!

She has to be reminded sometimes to be gentle as she does become excited and then will want to ‘mouth’ the other dogs.

With careful and patient integration, she does not feel stressed or worried about other dogs and gets along in complete harmony plus balance.

She has many good friends and besties at BHRR!

Strangers of both dogs and people, can still stress her out sometimes yet treats and a calming word/touch settle her wonderfully!

All she needs is a home that shall continue to build on the strong foundation that we are building here and keep giving her structure, consistency, obedience with so much love and heart and caring loving hands.

She will continue to thrive as she learns more and more about helping hands and that they are not there to hurt her.

She can go to a home that works ft. pt, from home, semi-retired, retired etc. as she is so versatile!

She is a hoot to wash, eats well, sings a song when it is dinner time – yours or hers! and is crate trained and has proven 100% trustworthy in our home alone up to 2 hours.

She is no longer worried about car rides the way she once was, loves walks and hikes and her leash manners are slowly but surely coming along!

She can go to a home as an only dog yet, would do wonderfully in a home with one or two other right personality dogs as they will keep showing her that life has so many awesome things to experience plus enjoy!

Her coat is so soft to touch and I am always ‘loving’ on those ears….

She perfect in all her imperfections and for that right matched personality matched home, she will be appreciated and enjoyed!

I am very proud of this lovely beauty…to go from losing her owner – she was killed by a truck while on her phone – to being poled in the shelter, further scaring an already lacking in socialization dog that had been uprooted from all she knew and was so confused – to entering our rehabilitation program and blossoming like a beautiful flower…..just a couple of thorns here and there!

Thank you to all the angels involved in getting her saved from Karen and Jane to all her transport lovelies!

Thanks to Wendi and Melissa also for the help getting this fabu prof photo!

Please consider sharing this post in the hopes that her right matched forever loving home is out there waiting to find her!

GOOD for you lovely lady! You did it!!

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