AND, she is here! Sean picked her up while I was in Cambridge doing BHRR’s Bishop’s, The Bish’s adoption home-visit. He teased me all day with photo’s and tidbits about how lovely she is.

BHRR’s ????
*Sean is still thinking! What incredible name suggestions made to date! WOW!*

AND, I concur with what everyone that has met her has said to date, she is awesome! A wee firecracker indeed yet sweet and so portable!

AND I also concur with what has already been said about her, she is painfully thin, quite underweight. Hips, ribs and spine protruding under her fur.. She probably weighs 60-70% of what she should be weighing…..18 pounds is way too little for her….that will change though!

Sean has already fallen head over heels in love! Photo below is blurry yet it is of Mason and her……….I think he is already in love also!

Welcome to BHRR our honourary Great Dane/Giant! She may not be a Great Dane in size, yet her spirit and heart, watch out, she is ‘bigger’ than the world! She is going to be taking names!!! She is a bit hand shy and flinchy yet, she is going to settle in just fine. We will work on her startle reflex.

Thank you to Karen and Jane in having her entrusted to our rescue that has a huge focus on the special needs. For those not yet aware, she is DEAF and Visually Impaired. Yet, none of that holds her back and that is what I love about these incredible dogs, this is her ‘normal’ and she is living life, taking it by storm!

Cannot wait until I see her real personality blossom and come out……she is going to be a hoot! Watch out world!

Thank you to all that helped get her to BHRR safely and also to Elizabeth White in being her Special Secret Santa. With BHRR’s Bishop, her current SS being adopted today, she is being so kind and wonderful to be this little cutie’s SS!

She is also going to need some Value Village XL stuffies to call her own to snuggle with! We are down to only three here now…..BOO!