Testimonial from the one angel that overnight her November 13th on her transport:

“I overnighted this darling on Friday night, she is sooo sweet, got up in my lap on the sofa and fell sound asleep.  She was a delight to have for the evening. I knew she was going to make someone very happy.


Testimonial from someone who saw her on one of the transport legs:

“That Fergie is a little firecracker !  I saw Fergie at one of the transfer points, wow, what a great looking and social dog, was very curious about the other dogs, and was walking around the stop etc… like it was nothing!  Maybe a bit overwhelming for her due to limited sight and hearing, but seemed to be doing great!”

Testimonial from another one of her transport angels:

“Hi! We transported X and Fergi tonight. Such quiet and lovely girls, both were sweethearts. If I didn’t have 3 dogs already, I might have kidnapped them for me! Whomever adopts these two beauties will be very lucky indeed.”

Testimonial from the angel that overnight her on November 14th on her transport:

“Fergi is with me for the night.  She had a good explore of the backyard. 
She is skittish, was very unsure of the bubbles in my bubble bath. She would come forward to explore
and as soon as the bubbles moved, she would jump back.
Wants to be with people,
 she is thin but did not dive into her dinner bowl.
She took her treat around the corner out of sight of the other dogs
(even though they are gated outside Fergi’s area)
She took her treat very gently.
very curious and will rise up on her back legs to check things out.
She had not gotten over the regular height baby gates yet, but I think she could if she put her mind to it.
Definitely has some sight, maybe some hearing of certain pitches.  I thought she reacted to the 4 doxies barking at her tonight.
A really sweet girl