BHRR did its 380th adoption since our inception in 1996!

BHRR’s Kricket is NOW ADOPTED!! – on the left in this photo! (BHRR’s Raven is on the right)
September 7th, 2015

We went to the home-visit with BHRR’s Ivy, BHRR’s Raven(who is not quite ready to be placed up for adoption yet close in case she could be a future right match fit) and BHRR’s Kricket.

It was clear within moments that BHRR’s Ivy was not the best matched fit. She had a great visit, loved the toys plus treats and loving yet, she was not really engaged with any member of the home. Her home is out there!

Then, it came down to BHRR’s Raven and BHRR’s Kricket and it was close in many ways, yet, for the home, BHRR’s Kricket, edged out to be the better right matched fit for this home.

It was so touching to see how BHRR’s Raven sought contact and was so affectionate, with both, yet in particular the lady of the home. Her time shall come….she is not quite ready to be placed up for adoption and that showed BUT we knew that going in. She needs a bit more weight and a bit more obedience. She is bombing along on her rehab beautifully though! Very proud of her! VERY! She had a great experience with more helping hands and caring hearts showering love on this fabu once puppymill Great Dane Mama.

For those who may remember our gorgeous BBBBB Krickets’ story –
*She arrived to BHRR last December at barely 67 pounds, picked up as a stray and was seen for weeks eating scraps on the roads prior to someone picking her up.
*She was ready to be placed up for adoption on April 30th, 2015 and her weight was almost 110 pounds
*Her weight is ~ 120 pounds right now and she has put on over 53 pounds of much needed muscle mass and weight. Her coat is shiny, soft and black now, not brown, dull and coarse.

Tammie, another one of your shelter babies has her forever loving adoptive home now!!!! Thank you for entrusting her to our care again…..

BHRR’s Kricket shall go to her home on Monday September 28th as the home gets ready for her arrival and was honest in letting us know last night at the home-visit that they were going away for a bit. They wanted to be sure that we could keep her until then. Of course we would for the right matched home!

CONGRATS to all!

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