BHRR`s Kaos had a very busy day! It has been a very busy week at BHRR and today in particular, with three dogs alone today seeing Vets.

BHRR`s Kaos now weighs 9.1 Kgs(20.02 pounds) and just turned 9 weeks of age.

He is thriving and looking so handsome. Fit and a loving boy. We were at both LAH and KAH today and, so many had their noses stuck into his fur, loving the softness of it and how great he smells.

He is growing as Great Danes do, right before our eyes!

The Vet is pleased with the progress of his fractured leg at this time. Both of his back legs are growing fairly evenly and yes, he limps and at times, does not use it yet, his Vets biggest concern remains the knee and he left a voice message with Dr. Philibert, while we were there. He is hoping that Dr. P. may be able to scope that knee. The ‘clicking’ and ‘crunching’ of that knee, the discomfort upon manipulation plus exam on that knee, the inability to fully flex it, and the swelling, makes his Vet feel that the knee needs to be the first medical concern to address surgically and that we need to keep monitoring closely with continued regular evaluations plus assessments that growth plate fracture.

So, we are hoping to hear back from Dr. P. early next week as to the next steps for baby Kaos.

His Vet believes that baby Kaos could have a torn meniscus or an OCD lesion in that knee. He feels that his bad days is when the ‘flap’ gets pinched.

His Vet is now on holidays for the next month and so baby Kaos shall be in excellent hands with Dr. P and at KAH still.

He is fast asleep in my arms at reception in the photo below, as I spent a bit of time visiting with the staff before leaving LAH today.

He had his first boosters today also. We did discuss his stool again and, we are going to look at switching over NSAIDs in the next week.

He is doing great on his food, I have his increased dosing for Tramadol for him, he is beginning his second round of de-worming and, he LOVED all the attention he received today.

He impressed so many with his sit and stay manners.

So, overall a ‘fair’ progress report and, we will continue to update as we can.

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He has been to both KAH and LAH already to date and is back at LAH on the 7th of August.

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