This album is dedicated to the young Great Dane Puppy Mill mama (about 18 months) that we have in our care.

She is not only skinny, recently had puppies, yet was dumped at a kill shelter with some very aggressive mammary turmours/growths/masses that we had no idea about until we picked her up. The poor thing………

She went in for surgery on Thursday August 6th for a spay and to have a mastectomy on the one mammary – gland is also now completely removed(per her Vet), remove all growths, masses plus tumours and to have them sent off for pathology.

She has had pre-op bloodwork including heartworm testing plus for tickborne diseases. She has been dewormed, microchipped, placed on revolution and is now on Deramaxx plus Tramadol for comfort.

We are all anxiously waiting fo the results of her tumours.

She has a drain installed in the one area and we are back in on Monday for a re-assessment/exam

All monies raised from the August 8th , Critter Jungle Dirty DAWG Wash shall go towards her mounting Vet Bills.

DONATIONS can be made direct to Kanata Animal Hospital – in person @ 440 Hazeldean Road or over the phone:
(613) 836-2848

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She is so sweet, deserves so much more than what she was given in life prior to rescue and, please consider helping us help her……..

The top of the drain from the whole mammary gland and massive tumour growth removal
August 6th, 2015
Surgeon’s Notes:
“Two discrete sq round firm, hyperpigmented mammary masses removed from left caudal mammary gland area- 1cm diameter.
right caudal mammary gland- similar discrete firm round 6-8mm diameter sq mammary
2–0 vetafil interrupted skin sutures.
Left anterior mammary gland:: round firm, round multi-lobed approx 3 1/2 to 4 inches in length by 2 inches in width, mammary tissue.- excised, several vessels ligated ie very
vascular tissue, penrose drain applied, three simple interrupted 2-0 vicryl sq sutures to
tack down and approach skin edges, 2-0 vetafil simple interrupted sutures.
To remove drain in 4-5 days, pending amount of drainage.”


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**IF I am forgetting any of her ANGELS, it is completely unintentional and please EMAIL me**

BHRR’s Raven’s Great Angels:  $130 donated to date & Current Vet Bills are: $1,898.70
*Before PayPal fees
Elizabeth – 2 x Collars
Lianne/Cliff – Dog Bed

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