BHRR’s Bell went in for her heartworm and tickborne bloodwork testing today. She weighed 40.4 Kgs(88.88 pounds). She still needs more weight and we are hoping that in a few more weeks, that she shall be ready to make a special announcement!

She did great overall with the exam, we even got a super great clean on her ears(she has let me do them fairly well at home), took treats gently and is getting much better about car travelling. She keeps wanting to either go out a window or into the front seat and tethering has been super important for safety for all.

I was able to do her nails yesterday without it being too stressful on her……..and me!

She is now rarely having any accidents in the house, her leash manners are improving and she is quite playful and affectionate. 🙂

She even pawed me today for the first time in play.