My last post for tonight is on behalf of BHRR’s Griffin!
He is wishing (us too!) a most wonderful weekend of happiness, health and safety to all!
It is a busy one at BHRR….we have three special dates for three special dogs planned – BHRR’s Maverick, BHRR’s Ani and BHRR’s Porridge(his shall be small and quiet)
We also have our first of four planned private BHRR ‘EXPERIENCES’!
Not to mention, The Boerskins are still working like crazy busy worker bees with the final parts of our renovations for 2015 of new flooring on the main level, a new kitchen and, a wonderful tiled drinking station for dogs plus two more sides of our home will have new siding and windows…..
Great weekend wishes being sent out to all our friends, supporters plus family!
BHRR’s Griffin is exhausted just watching us work…..