Two of our fabu BBBBB’s had their special dates today!

BHRR’s Mavie and BHRR’s Ani!

They were spoiled and, both of them were given brand new collars and leashes….

Thank you so much to their Angels today that gave them this wonderful experience!

In the hands of such loving people, the BHRR dogs continue becoming that much more well rounded and balanced! Love our visitation program and special dates!

This is BHRR’s Ani! Doesn’t she look wonderful?!??

Unfortunately, she is not a great candidate for the growths with partial mandible removal and, we have a Plan B to keep giving her the best quality of life possible. The growths cannot 100% be successfully removed and, the risk is too high for her to go through a removal of part of her jaw and, the prognosis is ‘fair’ at best for survival. She is not a spring chicken either….

As needed, she will have a mild sedation to cut back the growths so she can continue to have a big quality of life.

She has put on all the weight she lost and, in fact, could actually afford to lose a pound or two and is happy, affectionate and playful!!

Tomorrow is BHRR’s Porridge’s date and the private BHRR EXPERIENCE.