This morning on my way into work at KAH, I dropped off The Lion King Pumbaa for his special picnic and overnight date! Not the best photo of the picnic that he helped me make but, a photo!
To also update all on BHRR’s Hercules, he took all of his meds like a trooper this AM, had a small bite to eat of wet food and, ate with enthusiasm and, I then left him in Sean’s more than capable hands while I left for work with Pumbaa.
Sean was going to drop him off to stay with me at the Hospital later this AM yet, Herc is doing so well. Truly, one of the best recovery post-op amputees that we have had in our 19+ history to date. May it continue for him… Absolutely, amazing how he is bouncing…..such a brave boy!
I am off to home myself now to check on him, get him to eat some more, drink something if possible also and, take his temp. He was high normal when I left this AM.
If he is a thumbs up, after myself now having been up over 24 hours straight, I am headed to la la land myself for a bit!
Hope as always, everyone is having a happy and safe enjoyable weekend!!