BHRR’s Braveheart…… ? – April 8th, 2015
HOW we are going to remember you!
Becoming more confident and, comfortable and, playing with one of your best of friends, BHRR’s Purse Puppy Coach(special needs yet does not hold him back! – Blind & Heart Condition)…..
Full of personality, vocal and, when he trusted you, quite affectionate, that body armor would have been of benefit! 
Not a half measure kind of dude….all in or all out for him…..
Honest, was learning self-control and, to make good choices……..
It took a long time to get within his circle of trust, yet, if you did earn such a privilege, it was a gift… be cherished and, treated carefully.
Quirky boy who moved with little grace or style and, yet, had much heart!
He was also one of our BHRR dogs greatly affected by the contaminated food sent our way in January……..

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