BHRR's Flint came to PV Stittsville with us on April 12th, 2014 as part of their weekend PAWS event! 🙂 He has been a HUGE fav at the community education plus public awareness events that we go on and, he has been to many with us! 🙂

So many remarked on how social and loving he has become and obedient! 🙂 AND gorgeous AND, how large his feet are! LOL He was just shy of 111 pounds on April 3rd, 2014 at Dr. Liston. I was asked many times, how big is he going to get and, he is going to get as big as he is meant to be healthy and happy! 🙂 He could be 130 pounds, he could be 150 pounds. All good! He is now around 9 months of age. Makes my heart so warm and proud of him! 🙂 AND, I have a note from Dr. Liston that says that he DOES not require cherry eye surgery. He says that he thoroughly even checked his tear ducts and eyelids etc. and all is normal and healthy and his eyes are perfect for a Neapolitian Mastiff. He says that any cherry eyes that he had when he was younger has been grown out of and, I asked for his note to have for his file so that any right matched perfect fit home, and, their Vet can be assured that at BHRR, we remain full of honesty and in doing full disclosure and that NO dog does without.

His hips and teeth are good for now also!

Any Vet or home that would be approved to adopt this boy, can also discuss his eyes with Dr. Liston(an expert in cherry eyes with Neo's etc.).

I had felt they were now just wicked haws that the breed was prone to yet, wanted to cross all 't's' and dot all 'i's' and so………..on that NOTE, BHRR's FLINT is now AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION! YAY!

He can go to a home that works pt, ft, from home, semi-retired, retired etc. ANOTHER wonderful BHRR versatile dog! I would love to see him a home with another dog, that right matched personality fit one. Male or female does not matter. THERE is not one mean bone in this boy. He is actually quite 'soft' and, he will ONLY go to a home, as with all of our dogs that believe in positive reinforcement(he is so eager to please me and bonds fast plus easily). He is a bit of an excite-man at moments and, has to be reminded sometimes, to sit, take a deep breath and, he will get to see the other dogs or people when he is not going to splat them! He continues to be great with cats also. He is quite mindful and respectful. 🙂 Most of the time, he is calm and quiet and just the best of companions. He has quite the bark on him when he does decide to talk!

He is 100% housebroken and, we still put him in a crate from time to time(he eats in a crate) so, that he remains comfortable for as many know, if more homes crate trained, more homes would be safe plus the dog. If the time came that he was injured or sick and, had to be on crate rest, he would be comfortable and, would not stress when at a Vet Hospital or home. He often will lay in a crate with the door open just as a safe spot.

He is a real character when you get to know him and, he makes my heart thud and thump with such love. From terrified quivering abused mass of jelly to this wonderful social and well mannered and even tempered boy.

I am not seeking a Neo experienced home specifically yet, a dog experienced home and, he is not a guard dog and he is a cherished member of our family and nor is he a status symbol. He is simply the magnificent BHRR's Flint! 🙂

He was the last dog that we were asked to assist by a wonderful wonderful wonderful woman that passed away suddenly last year and, we were the last group to save a dog in her life and, BHRR's Groves was the first one she saved in her death. THANK you Debbie(RIP)! AND, Joy! Power Rescue DREAM TEAM! 🙂 I still have four blog posts to add to his section and, am, slowly getting them done. I did another three updates just now. I like the blogs to be detailed and current and, I had fallen behind in 2013 due to the ft management of our BHRR Fb page etc. With that being unpublished for 2014(perhaps even 2015, we shall see), I am catching up immensely.

No other organization provides such detail, with photo's video's etc. of their dogs' and, I am hoping to get his finished shortly. BHRR's Flint also has quite a few holes still but getting there! 🙂