My goal this week is to add all the pictures I have of both BHRR’s Shiva and BHRR’s Dana since my last blog on these two very gorgeous black beauties including an update on their antics here to date! They both do remain AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION and may their forever loving adoptive homes come along shortly. Additionally, just a side note that BHRR does not adopt to homes that wish to ‘acquire’ a GD as a surprise Birthday, Christmas or Anniversary present to another. All members of the home must be involved in the BHRR adoption process and we do verify this. No surprises! I received quite the vm earlier this week in respect to a woman who wanted to purchase a GD for her husband’s Birthday and somehow our BHRR website was not assisting her in this purpose. Well, that is not what BHRR is about or what we represent. Anyone seeking to contact BHRR for a possible adoption, should read ‘BEFORE APPLYING’.