BHRR’s Storm is in Day 14 of her heat and at least another 10 – 14 days to go. She remains segregated from BHRR’s Albert and my two intact show CH.’s and I cannot wait for her to be able to be fully integrated with all again as she just loves playing with my bluez boyz CH.s. She is definitely enjoying her special ‘sleep’ time with Sean every night in our recreational room as I do not wish to see her crated at night. Yet, during the day, I have to give her ‘crate’ moments as her time with Sean is creating a bit of a ‘princess’ and she will whine a bit when he leaves to go to work or she tries to get him to go downstairs to the rec room when she feels it is time for bed and will try to push the other dogs away so that she gets the loving from the kids or Sean or me. Such a shame that she cycled so fast into another heat from November as she was to be spayed on the 20th, the same day as BHRR’s Windsor was neutered and she would have been ready for placement shortly after she healed. Now, we are looking at mid-March at the earliest and truly, as Storm has healed from her bacterial infection and is slowly putting on that weight(and as mentioned she will always have a slight ‘bony’ hip exposure due to her comformation yet they should be well padded), her obedience can be continued to be worked on in her forever loving adoptive home. She is another one that truly is not needing much of us anymore. My daughter is going to deeply miss this girl though. OH my, Storm is such a ‘girls’ Dane and for those that have met Storm they know exactly what I mean! She would be most content having bonnets put on her and nails painted and would carry a purse if she could AND I know my daughter has tried much to my own dismay! LOL Kinsley tells me often how much she misses her GD Babyz Dragonz who passed away at almost the age of 8 last July of 2009 and BHRR’s Storm has assisted Kinsley a lot in her healing just as BHRR’s Kingston( The ‘wee’ bear cub) has done for our son Mason. The requests for assistance keep coming in daily, this past week was an incredible number of ‘urgent’s on Saints plus Great Pyrs and without more approved homes and resources such as food and monetary donations; BHRR is quite full at this time. 😥