BHRR’s Albert’s HWT came back negative and his bloodwork was good. He was neutered on Tuesday January 26th and everything went well. The one testicle that we thought was enlarged turned out to be normal and his other one underdeveloped. It was not cancerous though and a huge sigh of relief. When Sean dropped him off that morning, the Hospital had a nice run all comfy and set up with padding and blankets and my heart just feels so good about the level of care my animals receive here and I work with some of the best people there! Additionally, he had his teeth scaled plus polished, given a convenia injection(antibiotics) for his gums and his ears were flushed out four times to get them even remotely cleaned. He was such a good boy and certainly continues to charm all with his precious personality! Before I took him home that night, I gave him a subq injection of buprenorphine for comfort and his boy temp was still a bit low 37.2 degrees. I also micrcochipped him and not a peep he made. When I got him home, he was very ‘flighty’ and a bit nervous about going inside and my heart twanged for he went through so much stress that day at the Hospital. He is healing well and eating a bit better. His weight was 43.3 KGs when neutered, so down .5 of a KG from when he first arrived and on Saturday, it was the first day that he came into my bedroom to actually hang out with me and have a bit of a snooze(and he did settle down eventually and after two pees..) and I was so proud of him for being able to do that. He actually looked like he was smiling as he snoozed in the sun streaming in from our wall of windows in the ensuite. He is very rarely trying to hump the other animals these days and PPSS is one of his latest ‘victims’ which to BHRR’s Potter’s delight is NOT him! Poor PPSS, almost every dog wants to hump him and with BHRR’s Storm in heat(Day 14), BHRR’s Albert has not appeared to be be overly affected by any possible smells that might be around. From coming from a BYBER, at any given time, there was bound to be at least one female in heat at any time, so probably part of his lifestyle. The girls here are very interested and ‘excited’ over BHRR’s Storm and she remains completely segregated from BHRR’s Albert plus my 2 intact show boyz, who are pretty much clueless and I want to keep it that way! A huge test for BHRR’s Albert is going to be at our upcoming BHRR’s Mini Open House in how he handles that many people in his environment. I am prepared to give him some room and a ‘safe’ spot in our bedroom when he needs it for with the progress that he is making, I do not want to do anything to set him back. I am learning to read him better and better and his eyes tell me a lot more than they did when he first arrived. I told Sean that I honestly would not mind if someone did not open up their heart to him for he has big part of my own soul already and he is such a fantastic boy. I tell Albert every day that *I* want him and that I love him and I care and I can see past age and what abuse over time has done to his body and spirit. He is just a huge cutie and I am so enjoying getting to know him! The TV still terrifies him though.