BHRR’s Mindy came to work with me on Saturday January 23rd and she weighed 50.2 KGs(110.44 pounds). I would like to see about another 7-10 pounds on her maximum. As posted in a previous blog a while back, too many people overfeed their Great Danes and that is of no benefit to their hips, joint, heart plus overall health. Mindy was given her DHPP booster and Rabies plus a HWT. Her heartworm test came back negative and even the Vet feels that what a terrible thing it must have been for Mindy to have been tied outside for her hair is so thin and literally non-existent on her belly. She interacted great with all humans plus dogs she met and even wanted to be a Vets’ Assistant at one point by trying to walk into an exam room! She is in glowing and excellent health. YAY! In driving to and from the Hospital, she likes to sit on the back seat with her front feet on the floor and look out the front window! 😛 Other than some bad leash manners, her obedience is quite good and she is only crated for food sessions now due to how long it takes for her to very ladylike pick and eat her food. She is 100% trusted in the house at night and while we are away. She is a really great dog, a ‘princess’ yes and likes to do her own form of being a ‘brat’ and she is no wallflower; as she will stand up to BHRR’s Dana when she has had enough of Dana’s monkey business! Mindy truly does not need us much longer and I feel that after our upcoming BHRR’s Mini Open House in early February, we shall place her up for adoption. Her new forever loving adoptive family can continue on this front and the weight gain I would like to see, including muscle mass; will come in time. I have also microchipped Mindy and other than a small look of ‘disdain’ my way LOL; she was a doll. We shall see where nail trimming brings us this week yet I am not worried. She is a great dame of a dog and I also wanted to mentioned that the Vet also finds it hard to believe she is 6. I am going to change her status to 4+ years of age with all of our findings. Yes, she could very well be 6 despite all of her teeth, body condition, personality etc. and I shall be most honest in stating that! Mindy has been a joy to have here and may her forever loving home come along soon. She only needs minor ‘tweaking’ in her mannerisms(counter surfing, leash manners etc.) and even no longer barks incessantly like when she first arrived when she was outside(having been tied up outside explains much of this) and she comes in and out without nary a murmur these days. We still would like to see her go to an experienced home and one that if they have another dog; is compatible with her own energy level for she is a ‘princess’ and god forbid that a dog is too energetic as she just stands there with a most ‘put out’ expression and appears to roll her eyes. She would do best with another dog in a future forever loving home as I feel with most dogs they need their own social networks and this dog could be male or female. She gets along best with the dogs that are 3.5 or older here. The younger crowd just does not ‘mesh’ with her ‘tudeness. She just takes herself away from all of the action and lies down to look at them to say ‘why are you bothering to even begin to make yourself like an idiot!’ LOL Never a doubt as to what Mindy is thinking or feeling!