BHRR’s Windsor was neutered on Wednesday January 20th and things went great! He weighed just over 51 pounds and is healing wonderfully! One thing I wish to post here is that people with really furry dogs need to really be sure where their dog is microchipped. I microchipped Windsor shortly after his arrival and my microchip scanner has not reliably picked up his chip since then. One of the scanners at the Hospital also has not. When I part his hair and try to lay it flat; I can then ‘read’ his chip. I had the same issues with BHRR’s Kingston and his hair type is not as fuzzy as ‘Mr. Pillow Man’ Windsor. Just something for people to be aware of as BHRR’s Hamilton The Newf has had this issue too along with the 28 Newfs we have placed from that one bust. A bit worrisome should your pet become lost and just ensure Shelters, Vet Hospitals etc. know to really really really scan all dogs thoroughly that might come in as a stray as there is always a chance that a dog picked up as a stray is microchipped. Also, make sure that your Microchip provider has your current up to date contact information including emergency contacts.