So much to update on blogs, especially with BHRR’s Dana, Shiva, Albert and Mindy yet I just have to share this! Today, when I came back from putting the wee ones on the school bus, BHRR’s Albert actually ‘skipped’ in joy when he saw me! YAY! YAY! YAY! He was very ‘flighty’ after he was neutered etc. earlier this week and this is HUGE! I so adore this ‘ol man. 😀 With the plunging winter temps, needless to say; he had two accidents in the house this AM and he has not had any in quite some time. Understandable the more that he gets used to having comfort including blankets(which we are still looking for more comforters/duvets if anyone might be so kind as to consider helping BHRR’s Albert) and fresh water and plenty of food plus love and warmth, that he shall be reluctant to go outside on days like this. What a huge step forward for BHRR’s Albert with that level of emotion being demonstrated.