Sam went to the vet tonight. He weighs just over 114 pounds, had a manicure, pedicure, full exam, bw and a hw test. We have confirmed that the microchip can be read and will have to determine what ‘brand’ of chip it is for it currently is recorded back to AL and should Sam ever become lost; we do not desire to have him transported all the way back there. Sam was given Drontal+ for tapeworms and hookworms and it has been determined by the vet that his coat(we did not bathe him as of yet for we wanted our vet to see his coat condition) is due to a recent infestation of fleas. He is now on Sentinel and his body condition is great. We are going to wait to decide if we should be doing X-Rays on Sam as he does not show any joint problems and we will find out what his bw indicates as well. I brought Cletus with me to the vet for ‘confidence’ boosting for Sam and Sam did amazing! He went without hesitation on the weight scale, allowed us to cut his nails with minimal issues and looked towards Cletus for reassurance when it came to his bw. He did lean on myself and the tech yet he showed so much confidence in himself as he was handled by strangers. I am so proud of him! Cletus has done more for Sam than I think I could ever do in boosting him up and their bond grows stronger every day. Sam lets Cletus and Cherokee eat and drink from his bowls without any problems and he has not shown any aggression or possessiveness at this time towards anything. Sam is going through doorways and using stairs without any problems at our place. We will continue to monitor and once Sam is out of his ‘honeymoon’ period test his behavour appropriately. Tonight Sam decided he was ready to meet our 204.91 pound male English Mastiff and so we let them go face to face and everything went well. Within a short period of time, they were both lying down close to each other. Sam also met one of the Golden Retrievers tonight again, and while he was ‘ok’ he was not as comfortable around him. Klondike respected Sam’s wish for ‘space’ and everything was fine.