‘BHRR’s Samari’ AKA Sammy- Black Adult Great Dane(age estimate 1.5 (January 2004); weight was just over 114 pounds on August 2nd. Samari is housebroken, microchipped, shots utd and was treated for HW before coming into our program. We re-did the HW test and he is HW-. We have introduced Sam to our small female GSx and he has been fine. He has shown no aggression or possessiveness towards his food or water bowls with her either. He allows her to lie next to him just gently touching bodies. He also LOVES Cletus(another Dane in our Program). Sam might never feel truly comfortable around more than one or two dogs, size aside; and he would be adopted out accordingly. He is actually somewhat afraid of cats, good with geese, swans & he has been fine with our own children( 5 & 2 ). We were told that he did not get along with the one older male Dane that was in the home that he was initially adopted out to from the shelter in Alabama. He has been described as very ‘sweet’ and ‘submissive’ and he startles at things or people unknown plus loud noises. He was a bit unsure about doorways and is a little awkward on stairs yet now he is doing just fine with them. His confidence and emotional levels are greatly improving. Being on a leash terrifies him so we will be working slowly with Sam on that one. Ginnie, his former FosterMom purchased a harness for Sam and it has greatly reduced his stress. Sam might always have to wear a harness over a standard collar should he never feel comfortable enough in one and that is just fine. When he first arrive and he caught sight of the long lead line we have clipped to the side of the house, you could see and feel his terror. He was also afraid of the water hose for the garden plus the vacuum cleaner in the house. With great reassurance, Sam showed trust in us that these things were not going to hurt him and he is now walking by them more confidently. He is working on learning his name and when comfortable in his surroundings will try to wander off and does not ‘recall’ very well. He has been called a wonderfully sweet dog and will require lots of patient loving in working with him. We will assess and test his behavour after he settles in and is vetted. We will be running the usual bw on Sam and specifically testing for any thyroid concerns plus looking to see if he possesses any possible allergies. Sam’s vet appointment is on Tuesday August 2nd. He was abandoned at the Fort Rucker Army Base in Alabama, USA.