Mazda came with me to work tonight and MAN! WHAT a blast! She was a model citizen, hung out on her blanket with her pink hippo and chewstick. Mazda made friends with everyone she met and more than one person wanted to ‘steal’ her away! 🙂 She weighed a FABULOUS 49.4 KGs(108.68 pounds) and we updated her vaccines. I gave her a manicure and pedicure the night before and she just gets better and better in handling her feet done. She also had her HW test done and remains on Sentinel monthly. She had a slight runny nostril on the left side and we will monitor. The Vet was not too concerned and one of her lymph nodes in her neck was slightly swollen; also not a concern for the Vet. Something to note was that this Vet thought that there might possibly could be a slight irregular beat in her heart like the one Vet found last May yet once again not a huge cause for any concern. There was no discernible medical problem found with her heart when she was spayed and we believe in full disclosure and wanted to ensure that it was just noted in her updates here. I was so impressed by how far she has come with her ‘lady’ like manners even though she will always be a TOMBOY at heart! 🙂 She listened wonderfully and MAN! SHE is still so treat motivated and that butt of hers will hit the floor in an instasecond for a treat! 🙂 SHE is just a true delight of a gal and I know that I will be bringing her back to the Hospital more often to hang out for she made an incredible ambassador of the Great Dane Breed!