Boba will be having his annual exam and vaccines done on March 7th and I will also do another weigh plus manicure and pedicure for him at that time. Boba has been on antibiotics for a ‘tear’ he put into his left shoulder in running outside and catching it on something. Best guess is a treat branch in the woods. Poor thing. He has been milking it up for all that he can get out of it and remains as happy and friendly as always to dogs plus nature! 🙂 This boy welcomes all rabbits, squirrels, deer to our home like a very official welcome committee leader should! Boba just does not seem to understand that NOT all animals; like that porcupine do not feel the same about him and it is hard when you see his feelings so hurt that a bird will twitter angrily at him from a tree and all he wants to do is make friends. HE is such a character!!!!!