I have made a recheck/follow-up appointment with the Vet for July 17th as we will be at the 5 week mark originally given to us for ‘healing’ time. Feedback from a VIN ortho specialist at this time; Dr. Parker based upon how slow the healing is going has not been overly optimistic. I have become quite concerned about Dana; especially since this past Tuesday for she began to exhibit for the first time since she hurt her toe; true pain and limping. She has been very confined during the past month and I now how tough it has been on her.  🙁 We are going to talk to another ortho specialist upon his return from Vacation yet the feedback about possible amputation is deeply worrisome for this is not an outside toe and she is a Great Dane. The success rate statistics are not in her favour due to how difficult this procedure could be and all the ensuing post-op complications with the webbing and other toe issues; not to mention the weight bearing strain on that leg and her other(s). I am going to take new X-Rays at her next Appointment and in fact, the Vet suggested that I bring her in during our Fundraiser and we could do the X-Rays then but I cannot do that to Dana. To be around all those Dogs and not being allowed to play would break her spirit even more. Her toe is more swollen than ever as of Tuesday night and I am combining Deramaxx 100 mg with Tramadol 100 mg at this time and I am SOOOOOOOOO not liking how this toe is trying to heal. She must have somehow re-injured it and I know that she is want to bang on her crate for she is sometimes bored and wants to play with the other dogs and I cannot allow that outside in the yard and it is also hard to keep her contained from wanting to zoom in the house. I am trying to find all sorts of puzzles and problem solving activities for her that does not involve a lot of movement and these days, I can almost swear she is rolling her eyes at me as I come towards her with something new to try….sigh….poor thing. She is smart as a whip this one and she keeps me on my toes that is for sure AND I love it! I am going to take this one step at a time and I keep her quality of life foremost in my mind. We are a month in to this ‘healing’ and she is no further ahead. Dr. Parker truly does believe that amputation might be her only option right now to give her the best shot yet with it not being an outside toe; that optimism is not as high. Her toe is not healing in the right way and she could easily have a bone fragment causing pain as the calification process sets in. I do not like the shape of it or how the toe and pad are being forced into the position it is. Her toe is so swollen that the pad of her food is splitting. ALL of this just magnified since Tuesday. Will post updates as I can.