My son has come up with a really great name(he had actually wanted to name Hamilton The Newf this name….) for this Boxer Boy; Potter and it is has really grown on me. The letter for signing is not going to be confused(I was almost thinking of a ‘R’ name since one had been suggested to me already) with Lil Linus’s nor Soul’s; so I think we are going to ‘go’ for it. I have learnt even more about this boy in that it has taken over a month of hard work from his current Rescuer to convince the home to surrender him to her and at one time; he apparently was running free and almost was killed by vehicles and they did not seem concerned over this. 😥 So, BHRR’s Potter is going to be his name and he is almost 1 year of age from what I have been told. He will have his Rabies before I pick him up(he needs that to cross the border) and a Valid Health Certificate. I have also scheduled an exam with the Vet for July 16th and I will do his presurgical bw at that time; barring any reason why we could not do it at that time. BHRR’s Potter would then be neutered on July 23rd. Cannot wait to meet the ‘little’ Dane! 😉 NOT YET AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION!!!