It has been almost a month since we X-Rayed Dana’s foot and she is faring not much better. I was talking to the Vet about her tonight and they have now forwarded on her digital X-Ray to post on VIN plus we will talk to the ortho specialist when he returns from Vacation. I am a wee bit concerned right now. The swelling has not gone down and as of Tuesday night; Dana has exhibited the first ‘real’ signs that she is in pain. 🙁 We discussed possible amputation as being one solution and that deeply worries me due for Dana is a Giant Breed Canine and even as a female Great Dane; she is sizeable. It has been hard on Dana being kept restricted over the past month and I do not blame her one bit in being somewhat ‘cranky’ at times over this enfored confinement. She is about 14 months old now and a HUGE puppy still and the lack of real exercise for a dog with her zest of living; has been very difficult. I will continue to post as I have updates and yes, I do have more pictures to upload yet as many know; our new website(since March of 2008) is not the most friendly when it comes to adding pictures and we have a HUGE fundraiser coming up on Sunday July 12th and that is taking up a lot of my time of late in addition to just the daily training, time and love with the animals here!