BHRR’s Baby Kaos is ‘home’. ADOPTED!

From having this wee squishie in my heart and home since he was 6 weeks of age, a big emotional felt day yet we knew what we wanted for him from the day we were asked to assist…..that we could rehab him successfully so that he could have that right matched personality fit forever loving home to call his very own!

In just a matter of weeks since he was finally ready to be placed up for adoption, he is now where he is meant to be! ADOPTED!

It was a long road to health my dear little man yet you did it! You make us feel so much joy in thinking about the future you will have and I will tell Salt, who shall also dearly miss you that you are truly happy!

Congrats to BHRR’s Kaos and to his really lovely and special home!! It was a true pleasure going through this adoption process with them and in meeting them today. Really kind people that join the ‘BHRR Fam’.

Thank you’s sent to them for the donation of towels too!

Thank you to Julie for helping me to do this home-visit. Sure wish I felt better and we could have spent some visiting time together!! Having you there was great! Thank you for the donation of paper towels and the stunning flowers plus those delicious delights! You are so giving and caring.

Thank you to Sean for all of your help to assist me get to this home-visit with me feeling so icky! You are a great man and I am blessed!!

BHRR’s Baby Kaos, may you fill this home with as much happiness, laughter, antics and gooberness as you have done to our own home!! A big personality has now officially ‘left the building!’

If I had been feeling better I would have loved to have seen more of this gorgeous area called Blue Mountains that BHRR’s Kaos was adopted to….another time!

Happy Sunday wishes being sent to all!

Time to drive home……