2010 – 2021 BHRR BOD:

Founder: G. Boers
Co-Founder: S. Boers
President: G. Boers
Director: B. Cole
Secretary/Treasurer: M. Leung

2020 Community Education Awareness Liaison Team Members:
G. Boers
A. Maracle
C. Maracle
H. Talangbayan

2020 Advisory Round Table Board Members:
G. Boers
L. Berard
R. Ng
L. Laplante

**BHRR welcomes food donations.
**BHRR is in urgent need of Large bottles of Pinesol, Paper Towels, Fabric Softener, Dog Shampoo, XL Costco Beds(Round)
A $60.00 PayPal, Cash, Email Transfer to can buy food to feed 10 Giant Breeds for 3 days. Make sure we know the password.

Rescue Statistics to Date:
Operating since 1996
# of Years in Rescue: 24.5
Animals Placed: 425
# of Adoption Returns: 9
1) June 2006 – less than 24 hours after adoption
2) January 2007 two weeks after placement(other dog was beating her up) and
3) the same GD in August 2007 after 5 weeks(was being left alone 18 hours a day) WHO was then adopted successfully in Dec. 2009
4) November 2013 – less than 17 hours after adoption, WHO was then adopted successfully in June of 2014
5) May 2014 – less than 48 hours after adoption, we received an email/vm(Neo)
6) January 2015 – one week post-adoption (Special Needs Lab/Ret.)
7) August 2016 – 4 years, 7 months post-adoption(Great Dane)
8) December 2016 – 10 months, 2 weeks post-adoption(Great Dane)
9) August 2018 – 2 days shy of 8 weeks(BoxerX)

# of Animals BHRR has had to pull out of adoptive homes: 1
1) less than 48 hours after adoption: April 2012

Adoption Success Rate: 98% (We had a 100% success rate for over 10 years until June of 2006)


In 24 years of operating BHRR and in almost 30 years of owning Giant Breeds; we know of 13 Giants that have bloated/torted – between our own, those that were adopted and bloated/torsioned in their adoptive home or in a foster/perma-foster home.

Breeds: All Great Danes.

Males: 5
Females: 8

three(1m, 2 f) being just shy of 9 years of age
one(1 f) who is 7
one(1 f) who would be 6 in 7 weeks time
one(1 m) being just shy of 8 years
one (1 f) believed to be 4+ years of age
one(1 m) believe to be approx. 4 years of age
one(1 m) was approx. 3.5 years
one(1 m) was approx. just over 3 years of age
one(1 f) was approx. just over 3 years of age
one female was believed to be just over 2 years of age
one female was believed to be 4.5+ years of age – Food Bloat

Details: 11 were Rescues and 2 were from highly reputable/quality Breeders.
8 of the Great Danes were in our own home at the time of the bloat/tort and two bloated within one week of each other(Maggi & Dragon).

One Male & five Females survived(male – 3.5 years; female – almost 9 & female – almost 6, female 7; female 4.5 years of age & female just over 3)
one Male/one Female (both just shy of 9 did not) as BHRR’s McGee( had DCM) plus he & BLK’s Maggi(July 2009) had some of the worst cases of tort that many Vets had ever seen.
The other male(just shy of 8); Grayson Danes Dragon(July 2009) did not make it due to a very poor vascular system.
The one female, BHRR’s Storm(December 2010) just over 2 years also did not make it. Cause – Vaccine reaction
The one female, BHRR’s Dana(December 2012) 4.5+ years did not make it – complications (was a food bloat) – 40% stomach had gone necrotic
The one male, BHRR’s Canvas(December 2014), just over 3 years did not make it – torted so fast
The one male, BHRR’s Merlin(January 2015), food bloated on contaminated food donated by another group – being emaciated/with other medical conditions, he did not make it.

Stats to be posted

We have had 6 obstructions in the 24.5 years we have been operating.
a) One female, BHRR’s Snowball. a GD less than two years old(2006)
b) One male; BHRR’s KB/JB, a GD 4.5 years of age(2007) & same male again who obstructed in February of 2008 as in his first surgery 8″ of his intestine had to be removed(5.5 years).
c) One Doberman(2010) BHRR’s Barclay; 2.5+ years of age that was surrendered to BHRR in 2010 with the obstruction(flip flop). 4″ of his intestine had to be removed. – Came into Rescue for assistance as he was known to have an untreated obstruction.
d) One Irish Wolfhound(2013) BHRR’s Nessie; 4 years of age that was surrendered to BHRR in August of 2013 with an untreated obstruction(sock). Came into Rescue as she had a history of obstruction(had a previous surgery and other induced vomiting situations).
e) One NewfX, BHRR’s Coupe, a 3+ year old male that was picked up as a stray from Tenn. (2020).
*The female GD(BHRR’s Snowball) tragically was not able to be saved for she also had a cirrhotic liver, abnormal spleen and necrotic bowel (unrelated) to the obstruction.

Stats to be posted soon

2 – One Male Great Dane just over 1 and one female Great Dane over 3. Both had many other medical complications and death for both was due to Cancer.
2 – One Irish Wolfhound, age of 4 female and One Irish Wolfhound, age 18 months male  – both still alive

  • After much discussion over the past couple of years about where our vision with BHRR will take us within the next 5 years; BHRR finally became incorporated in the fall of 2009 with the obtaining of our business # and from there; THANKS to K. Cooper of Carters Professional Corporation – Barristers, Solicitors and Trade-mark Agents; amazing friend plus supporter of BHRR; her company took on BHRR`s cause and as part of one of the classes she teaches; we were their `guinea pig` for the filing for our official NPO Status. We will need to pay for the incorporation title search $55.00 plus G.S.T. and for the filing of the paperwork to CRA $250.00 plus G.S.T. yet that is so much more manageable than what we were looking at in fees before the offer of assistance from K. Cooper. That October; I attended one of her Monday classes and answered their questions and met with K. Cooper in regards to the paperwork details and by the end of 2009 as BHRR headed into our 14th year of operation; we had our NPO Status and are now a registered non-profit organization!
    * On Jan. 27, 2010; CRA notified us that BHRR is now a federally registered incorporated NPO BIN#83040 1469 RC0001(effective Nov. 27, 2009).
    *Our Industry Canada Corporation Letters Patent# 454168-5

KNOW Who You Are Adopting From:

Just as every Breeder is not reputable/quality and created equal, NOT every group that calls themselves a ‘rescue’ is either. Watch for ‘red’ flags and as much as you are answering their questions and going through their adoption application process; they should be answering yours. Are they fully vetting including administering vaccines, doing heartworm testing, putting the dog(s) on heartworm preventative, de-worming, treating for fleas, altering(unless there is a medical reason why not), micochipping, doing the necessary bw including Thyroid, X-rays if needed etc.? Do you get the opportunity to see the place plus meet/know the people from the rescue where your possible new adoptive addition is coming from? BHRR hosts regular Open Houses as it is SO important to us for people to see what we do, meet us and how we operate in addition to meeting the animals plus to meet others that are current Volunteers/Adopters of BHRR. Is the Rescue giving you full disclosure on all animals and giving you very detailed vet records plus are these animals formally temperament tested / evaluated, are they going through any obedience before adoption(one of the top reasons why dogs are sent to Rescue is due to lack of obedience, especially the Giants). Do they have reasonable adoption fees or are they charging exorbitant amount of monies or are they giving away dogs for free? Charging a nominal adoption fee discourages disreputes from getting their hands on a dog to sell to labs or as ‘bait’ usage and the funds are re-invested back into the program to assist the next one in need. Do they take their Dogs back if an adoption does not work out? Do they reinforce their ‘contract’ if needed? Are they there as a 24/7 resource for as long as you have one of their dogs?

l have found it necessary to have to stress that we operate out of our home and those of our foster homes and therefore do not have ‘business’ hours as a shelter or pound would. Please respect that we are entitled to privacy and the same level of family intimate time as other people. If you are not an approved BHRR adoptive/foster/home (having completed the application, reference checks plus hv and if all found in order and advised that you are approved); you are not permitted on the property. Those that have been approved are sent an invitation to set up a mutually convenient animal visit time including lunch/dinner if the meeting is at our home as opposed to being at one of our fosters. People found in violation could be charged with trespassing along with any other charges if warranted. Our policies, processes plus procedures are clearly indicated on both of our websites and our property is monitored for any activity. Due to a past theft of Danes; we are in a ‘lock’ down mode and are taking all precautions as advised by legal. We are also not appreciative of people researching to find out our ‘home/family’ number and trying to reach us that way. We have a Rescue number and as is clearly indicated on that message system, calls can take up to 5 business days to return. We will not consider/proceed with applications that contact us on our home line.

Our Rescue have been chosen as the recipient to receive the proceeds of the AJC’s Calendar sales for 2006. and then click on “2006 Charity Calendars” on the right hand side. THEY are on sale until July of 2006!
YOUR EMAIL VOTE HELPED US TO WIN!(Click here for details!) – As of today we have not yet received a check from AJC!
*We were told in an email that this check would be sent out the week of February 7th, 2007. The latest update was that they ‘thought’ they had sent a check already? AND that a check would be received by end the week of March 23rd, 2007 which never happened. We strongly urge and recommend to anyone that bought calendars to support our Rescue to contact them to express their own feelings that funds that were to be directed to our Rescue has not happened to date, if they ever are going to be responsible and honour their commitment. This has been a very upsetting, terrible and frustrating experience. We are disgusted that a business would do such a thing in keeping funds meant to help animals in need. The former BHRR Volunteer who has been in touch with them has indicated that she has not heard from them either and that all emails to them are being ignored.*