BHRR’s Valour
? – Friday July 31st, 2020

I am not new to Rescue – almost 25 years with BHRR. I am not new to medicine – I was a Paramedic for 16 years and now am working in animal medicine for the past 16+ years.

I am not new to working with Danes or Giants – tens of thousands over the past almost 30 years between rescuing, owning, training, doing behavioural modification, rehabilitation etc.

I am not new to working with the special needs. That is our focus, our strength, our mandate.

I am not new to loss, the painful devastating painfilled loss that comes with having to let go or say good-bye to an animal in need.

We are here for the behavioural and/or medical dogs that others cannot or will not take on and as such, our devastating losses are higher than most other groups.

I am not stupid, dumb or uneducated. I even have a Masters and a PhD…. and I have NEVER experienced such a knife stabbing loss like yours BHRR’s Valour.

What I am new to is the not being able to explain nor understand why a dog died less than three hours after we got her home.

I think back to the time of her rescue, the findings I had, the taking her into the Vet the very next day, the emergency surgeries she had the day after that, her post op recovery, how she was when I took her home; how she was when Sean helped me bring her in – she was sluggish – she had a very long day/night; how she was when we settled her into our custom renovated recovery suite, how she was when I took her vitals after she arrived home…making the comment to Sean that she was a bit ‘off’ (we may not have had her long, yet we already were getting to know her); and we knew that she had gone through so much and it really was a really long day/night for her. We knew that she was not 100% well heading into her surgeries.

We got her settled in; I hunkered down in the same room with her ~600 square feet that has been put aside a dogs’ recovery oasis and monitored her closely. Her vitals were good at that time and the plan/recommendation – as it is with all of the dogs recovering; was to see her get settled in, rest and then offer her a bit of food/water and to take her next round of meds. We never got that far.

Shortly; her tongue came out, she turned purple, then blue, panted, flopped over and then died within mere minutes…from the first moment she turned purple, I was calling loudly for Sean and dialing Alta Vista with the other hand, to advise them that we were bringing her in.

We never got to bring her in….she died…..right then and there. It was surreal, it was shocking; it was horrifying.

Guelph college campus was not open for us to drop her off to have a necropsy done as we wanted one done for after she died so fast, she also then had bloody tinged fluid draining rapidly from her nose.

I am shocked, I am stunned….this girl was not just beautiful on the outside; she was beautiful all around.

Truly sweet and after fighting for well over a month to get her to safety in our rescue; she is now dead….

I have questions that I have nor shall ever receive the right answers for; I have regrets, I have doubts and I remain feeling like I have been hit with a ton of bricks….

YOU deserved so much better in your life prior to rescue and I wanted so badly to help you feel better and get the life of kindness, happiness and health that you deeply were so worthy of BHRR’s Valour.

I am still trying to figure out what the lessons are to be had in this tragedy….yet, I do know that when the time comes to help another in need; I will be an even stronger voice…I will work even harder to get the next one into rescue sooner and I will be a much stronger advocate. I will not take a backseat at any point and I am determined to remain front and centre for what is in the best interest of our dogs in need.

I have not slept since Wednesday night…..I am haunted….I am very sorry….just very very very sorry Miss Valour.

You will be remembered as the Dane who was beyond precious, sweet, gentle, wanting so desperately to trust, who began to lean into me with said trust beginning to show. I will always smile when you did a bit of a bounce outside enjoying the grass and sand in early morning sunshine.

Who did what was asked of her, despite her fear/worry….due to that trust and will always forever feel that I did not deserve said precious fragile trust in the end as you died….you died…just saying it, is still brutally difficult.

I am hurting hard and we shall plant a Bleeding Heart bush in your place of eternal rest for my heart shall forever be bleeding and you will forever be in my heart.

We shall not be collecting any more donations for they were to be lifesaving ones….

I will work to pay off her remaining thousands in bills out of my own pocket….

I wish I could understand the ‘why’ of her life, how awful it was prior to rescue……and then extremely short after her arrival into rescue. I wish many more people could have been touched by your incredible beauty and soft spirit……even with you feeling just poorly, being sick, having been horribly treated, it radiated from you… were a one in a million special girl… in a million….

RIP stunning gorgeous BBBBB Valour…..sorry, is just not enough to say to you with how I feel right now. 

*picture is credit to Rachel Ng*

UPDATE: Miss Valour is in recovery….

It has been a very long day for her and I! I had an over 13 hour work day….

Miss Valour has now had her emergency pyometra surgery, her bilateral entropion surgeries and had the mass removed from her head. The mass will be sent to the pathologist for review.

I gave her a much needed nail trim while she was under plus thoroughly cleaned those infected ears. We also looked at her teeth to be sure that nothing was broken or that there was anything that needed immediate attention/surgical intervention.

Her bills shall be extensive, she is WORTH every nickel and she really needs your support…..If anyone has even $5 to spare, please know how grateful we shall be for the consideration.

She was the victim to anothers greed……she was never given proper proactive/preventative Vet Care, she deserves so much love, caring hands, kindness and support….

Please from our hearts thank you SO much for your love and kindness to date. When I had the opportunity to check the BHRR emails, tears were threatening to spill over to see ALL of the love in words and financial support sent to Miss Valour so far.

She remains in need of donations to help pay for her extensive yet truly excellent vetting – will post a copy of her bill once all of the billing has been completed.

Her Vet said her surgeries went really well and that is such great news!

Donations can continue to be made direct to her account at Eagleson Veterinary Clinic 613-383-8381

OR PayPal to

OR via email transfer to
*please let us know the password

Will post another update ASAP…..AND on behalf of one really withdrawn, shy worried sweet Dane that has truly gone beyond hell in her life prior to rescue; please know that ALL of you are her rescue angels…..YOU are making a lifesaving difference to a dog that deserved so much better than she received in her life up to her rescue….

Miss Valour needs your help!! Urgently….

As indicated I had her in to the Vet after her arrival to BHRR as I had some serious concerns. She is very ill.

She is shortly heading into emergency surgery.

She has Pyometra. 

Her temperature was 40.3 and she does also have infections in her ears and eyes plus her skin and will be having a lump removed from her head too.

She also needs bilateral entropion surgery.

She desperately needs your assistance…

She is the Dane that has gone through hell and she needs the BHRR village to surround her with support. This girl has not known any kindness in her life prior to Rescue.

If anyone has even $5 to spare, please know how grateful we shall be for the consideration.

Donations can be made direct to Eagleson Veterinary Clinic – 613-383-8381

OR via PayPal to

OR via email transfer to
*please tell us the password.

Will update as I can….and please keep this sweet girl in your thoughts for despite everything, and despite being shutdown with worry; she is so sweet.

UPDATE: She has an apt. tomorrow night at 10 PM at work…will post as we know more.

BHRR’s Valour(what we are calling her)
~2.5 years of age

When I got home with her, we did a thorough examination and she will not be able to wait to get into the Vet based upon our findings.

I had hoped to let her settle in a bit – she is quite shutdown and nervous, yet, seems super sweet. Tail tucked right up to her belly the poor girl.

I also experienced the fear panic pull and have ended up with one smashed knuckle in having it get caught up in the leash. Poor thing…..

She does have eye infections and her own serious entropion concerns. I have not yet looked into her mouth so as to not stress her out any further than needed. She has a bleeding wound on her chin too.

She needs a good grooming, to be de-wormed, to have blood work including for heartworm and tickborne diseases and pre-op. She has never had any of this done and what vaccines she had are long over due.

She came from Texas almost 1.5 years ago – bought from a kennel there at about 11 months of age – and in learning more, it was this home that drove her all the way back on an open trailer…how terrifying for her.?

In this picture, if you look; you shall see just one of her enlarged teats on her mammary chain. I can also secrete a purulent and serosanguineous fluid from them too.

She has had her share of litters the poor girl. Her poor elbows are all calloused too.

I have reached out to work in re: to seeing if I can get her into them after my work shift ends tomorrow.

For those wishing to send donations to her care; that is so loving and generous yet, please wait until she sees the Vet as we will have a much better idea of her needs, including urgent at that time.

Welcome to BHRR, Miss Valour!


Got her!!

Thank you Rachel!! Thank you for your assistance once more to help me get her!!

She definitely has an eye infection and will need her own bilateral entropion surgeries.

Now to make the almost 4 hour drive home!

Rachel has her!!!

The terrified Great Dane that has gone through unimaginable hell….

We are calling her BHRR’s Valour.

Looks like she has an eye infection too….we will get her seen by our Vet ASAP.

I am now on the road to meet up with them. Will post an update when I get her…

Drive safe and see you both soon!

NEXT IN NEED – Picture quality is poor!

Female – Great Dane – ~2.5 years of age

Mrs. was visiting in Texas, when she got this Dane in March 2019 from an ad from a kennel they had been following – was in the back of an open trailer – two hours tied up on the highway and had been sprayed/traumatised with a hose while tied up in the open trailer, when they met somewhere to pick her up.

The O. originally sold her – unspayed female, needs eye surgery – cherry and entropion surgery, EXTREMELY FEARFUL, not vetted etc. The Dane came back to her three days later.

Spouses are fighting over what to do with her – Mr. wants her gone now or killed, Mrs. was trying to do the right thing and sold her but she is now back with them and more fearful then ever.

She has now been signed over to BHRR.

ETA to BHRR: Friday July 28th