BHRR’s Valour(what we are calling her)
~2.5 years of age

When I got home with her, we did a thorough examination and she will not be able to wait to get into the Vet based upon our findings.

I had hoped to let her settle in a bit – she is quite shutdown and nervous, yet, seems super sweet. Tail tucked right up to her belly the poor girl.

I also experienced the fear panic pull and have ended up with one smashed knuckle in having it get caught up in the leash. Poor thing…..

She does have eye infections and her own serious entropion concerns. I have not yet looked into her mouth so as to not stress her out any further than needed. She has a bleeding wound on her chin too.

She needs a good grooming, to be de-wormed, to have blood work including for heartworm and tickborne diseases and pre-op. She has never had any of this done and what vaccines she had are long over due.

She came from Texas almost 1.5 years ago – bought from a kennel there at about 11 months of age – and in learning more, it was this home that drove her all the way back on an open trailer…how terrifying for her.?

In this picture, if you look; you shall see just one of her enlarged teats on her mammary chain. I can also secrete a purulent and serosanguineous fluid from them too.

She has had her share of litters the poor girl. Her poor elbows are all calloused too.

I have reached out to work in re: to seeing if I can get her into them after my work shift ends tomorrow.

For those wishing to send donations to her care; that is so loving and generous yet, please wait until she sees the Vet as we will have a much better idea of her needs, including urgent at that time.

Welcome to BHRR, Miss Valour!