We are working on a silent auction to raise much-needed funds to pay for Miss Leah’s and Mr. Ernie’s vet bills.
If you have any items you may like to donate, please email

1) Saturday, July 6th, Ren’s Baseline – 9 AM – 3 PM – Baked goodies, nails, ears, anal glands, some merchandise for sale
1385 Baseline Rd Unit 3, Ottawa, ON K2C 3G1

2) Saturday, July 20th, 9 AM – 3 PM (BHRR)
2425 Totem Ranch Road West, Oxford Station, Ontario -*BBQ, Dog Collar/Leash & Horse Tack Sale, Nails, Ear Cleaning, Anal Glands

3) Saturday, July 27th – Gananoque! Thousand Islands Bark Bash
*Nail Trims, Ears/Anal Glands, Raffle Basket, Some items for sale

4) Sunday, August 25th – 10 AM – 3 PM (Leanne)
14 Canter Blvd, Nepean, Ontario

5) Saturday, September 14th – 10 AM – 2 PM – Brockville Hyundai
770 Steward Blvd, Brockville, Ontario
*Car wash, BBQ, some items for sale!

6) Fall Event: Paint Your Partner FUNraiser for Ottawa Rabbit Rescue & BHRR – Paint your friend, spouse, bf/gf, family member
Date, Time & Location TBD
*A fun plus hilarious night to free paint, then reveal and give your masterpiece to your friend/spouse, bf/gf, or family member!
*Silent auction and draw prizes, too

7) ONGOING – On February 21st, 2013, I received a most delightful and touching email from a woman named Allie MacAlister that is so very active in helping others

She is extremely talented and more lovely than any words can ever be put down on paper and she has wonderfully surprised me with the very stunning and unique artful creation of an Irish Wolfhound, inspired by our Bunker Dude. She is calling it ‘Art For A Cause’.  

The Wolfhound Cù Sìth

10% of sales of her products will come to BHRR!

*You can purchase t-shirts, mugs, mousepads, totes, greeting cards and SO much more! She will be adding products regularly.

The Wolfhound Cù Sìth

BHRR’s Knox is STILL Available For Adoption!

From his foster home:

“His favourites include going on hikes, relaxing at the cottage, visiting @thesniffery, and meeting new people. He even got to see the Aurora Borealis!”


This guy is now 2! BHRR’s Knox.
Happy belated Birthday!
I cannot believe he is still Available For Adoption! 
Thank you to his wonderful foster home for taking such excellent care of him!

Today I met up with BHRR’s Knox’s foster family to drop off more fish based food. 
He was sporting his fresh groom, and so hard to believe that he remains AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION!
BHRR does remain in a good crisis, especially for fish-based food – we have no less than 6 dogs on fish food only…

Mr. Knox, the Bouvier with his SVA pressie! 
He is going to need another groom soon.
Thank you to his wonderful foster home for sending us this lovely photo & we will post more pictures as fosters send them to us!

Our 5th Annual “WON’T YOU BE MY VALENTINE” Fundraiser! February 1st – February 15th, 2024

Please help us give each doggie a special Valentine!

Thank you to everyone who has become a Valentine Angel to date, and to those asking, here is our email transfer address to send the vet bill part of your generous donation:

Please let us know if you would like to be a Secret Valentine!

Thanks in advance for any consideration!

These are the doggies still in need of a Secret Valentine Admirer:

  • Albar – Ronda B. will be his SVA – COMPLETED!
  • Knox  – Amy shall be his SVA – COMPLETED!
  • Maybelle Cutie – Ronda B. will be her SVA – COMPLETED!
  • Chrissy – Emilie P. will be her SVA  – COMPLETED!
  • Ernie – Leanne Berard McDonell & Cameron will be his SVA – COMPLETED!
  • Leah – Melody Lachance & Barrhaven & Area Empties will be her SVA – COMPLETED!
  • ‘Fred’ – Melody Lachance & Barrhaven & Area Empties will be her SVA – COMPLETED!
  • Aramis – Anne PB will be her SVA – COMPLETED!
  • Athos – Elaine Giles will be his SVA – COMPLETED!
  • Brooklyn  – Michele shall be her SVA – COMPLETED!
  • Caramel – Elaine will be his SVA – COMPLETED!
  • Giselle – Leanne & Cameron will be his SVA – COMPLETED!
  • James  – Rejane shall be his SVA – COMPLETED!
  • Jamila – Anne PB will be her SVA – COMPLETED!
  • Lewis  – Emilie P. shall be his SVA – COMPLETED!
  • Lilly – Tanya S. will be her SVA – COMPLETED!
  • Olive – Melody Lachance & Barrhaven & Area Empties will be her SVA – COMPLETED!
  • Porthos – Amanda Gillon shall be his SVA – COMPLETED!
  • Romeo – Melody Lachance & Barrhaven & Area Empties will be his SVA – COMPLETED!
  • Rosie – Anne PB will be her SVA – COMPLETED!

BHRR’s Knox!

In December, we received two applications for him.

Unfortunately, one failed their Vet reference. Our application and websites clearly indicate what we require and list in detail – all proactive/preventative vetting to be done and that we will verify.

The other application was not complete. We cannot consider incomplete applications. We asked the home to please re-submit a completed application, and though they emailed some additional information, the application still remained incomplete. The onus cannot be on us to chase after homes to fill in the blanks.

We remain very determined, patient, and diligent in our thorough screening processes, as his welfare is our top priority!

We shall only approve a right-matched personality fit home.

On a side note: He still needs a Collar Fairy/Elf!
Wigglebumz Collar – Martingale 1.5″ width, 24-26″ size

From his foster home:
“Knox continues to make friends anywhere we go.

We continue to work on his car behaviour. He is definitely better in the early mornings or at night, when there’s less people on the road (therefore less stimulating).”

BHRR Animals Available For Adoption

This is a blog post, updated regularly as to who is available for adoption and the ‘quick’ status of others not yet available for adoption.
NOTE: This blog post is on each of the dogs’ individual pages.
All of our available dogs can also be found on our PetFinder website.
*To read a dog’s blog, scroll to the very bottom of that dog’s individual page and read upwards, skipping over any posts such as fundraiser posts. They will answer most of your questions re: age, history etc.*

**NOTE: As of December 1st, 2016; BHRR shall no longer be responding to any inquires to adopt. We are following the lead of other r/q organizations and ONLY completed adoption applications submitted to the BHRR BOD shall be considered/responded to.**

BHRR is a federally registered NP organization and requires an application/contract to be filled out, personal references including a vet reference if applicable and a home visit to be done before being approved to adopt.

We also require that at the time of meeting any BHRR animal (after completing the application process up to that point) that the whole family + any other currently owned animals are present for the mandatory home-visit.

BHRR only places per best/right matched personality fit.

We also require that within four months of having adopted your new addition that at least one full round/session of group classes of obedience (they can range from 6-18 weeks) must be started and upon completion; proof (registration + completion) must be submitted to BHRR’s attention at BHRR and with having your signature on the adoption application/contract; you will be in a legal breach of your contract should this not be done. The animal involved will have to be returned promptly & safely to BHRR at your own expense.


BHRR’s Albar(M) – AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION SINCE October 25th, 2022 – *LabX

BHRR’s Maybelle Cutie(F) – AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION SINCE October 25th, 2022 – *LabX

BHRR’s Knox(M) – AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION SINCE July 10th, 2023-*Bouvier

BHRR’s Chrissy(F) – NOT YET AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION  – *Australian Shepherd -Visually/Hearing Impaired



BHRR’s Knox!
The Bouvier!
We did receive an application after we closed for our annual holiday shutdown, and we will review it once we re-open.
Thank you to Melody and Barrhaven & Area Empties for being his special Secret Santa angel this Christmas!
AND thank you to Mr. Knox’s foster home for sending us this great photo with his stocking & flashy bandana.

Per Mr. Knox’s wonderful foster home!

“Knox continues to be a joy to have around. 

He enjoys our daily hikes/outings. He hasn’t met a person he hasn’t liked! and vice versa. He certainly knows how to turn on the charm for the people.

He has a few close dog friends that he plays with regularly, which I think has been good for him.

Car rides are getting better. He is less anxious and does not lunge at cars. Likewise with walks and cars. He is lunging less and less, but there is something peculiar about red vehicles! I thought it was a coincidence, but consistently he tries to lunge at red cars.

He is super smart and willing! We have not found a food puzzle he can’t master.”



Bouvier(could be a X)
*All Vet paperwork, dog health passport, and shelter documentation state Bouvier. Found one tiny notation by O. on a piece of paperwork that stated could be mixed with Toy PoodleX*

Health Status: HEALTHY!

Age: ~1 year– Born: April 24th, 2022

Weight: ~ 95 pounds. His last weight was May 10th, 2023, @ 85.8 pounds. We want to keep him lean/muscled and fit. Becoming fat is NOT in his or any dog’s best interest.

Some information from his wonderful foster mama:

“Knox has been a wonderful foster. He has seamlessly integrated into our routine, it feels like he has been here all along. Knox is eager to please and learn. Since being with us, he has learned to sit, lie down and shake a paw. He has also learned to sit and wait until we tell him “ok” for his meals and at the door. He is comfortable in his crate and clean in the house. While he has never counter-surfed, he is counter-height, so he will poke around occasionally to see what’s there. After walks, we have made a routine of wiping his paws. So, he now offers his paws after a walk for us to wipe them. My mum has always brushed our dog’s teeth, and Knox is no exception. He enjoys this 2-3x a week.  He allows us to brush him daily, and the groomer said he was great during his groom.

He enjoys his minimum 3x daily walks plus off-leash time. We walk around the neighbourhood and utilize the local trail systems. He has proven people-friendly for the most part. Since being with us, he has only encountered a few men he was unsure of. They were eager to meet him and/or wearing sunglasses and hats, which made Knox nervous. With some calming words and slower introductions with the same people, Knox settled and was accepting of their presence. Knox has proven dog friendly and has a close group of dog friends. He sees them nearly on a daily basis and they are of varying breeds and sizes. He is usually the biggest of the group. He plays well with his friends and when has had enough play, he will go off on his own to decompress and rejoin play when he is ready. Knox’s recall is pretty good. Many people who have met Knox comment on how well-behaved he is. 

Knox has also enjoyed going to the cottage with us as well as the beaches at Sandbanks Provincial Park. He has discovered water, and while we don’t know if he likes swimming, he enjoys laying in the shallow water to cool down and drink from.

He has shown many positives, and we continue to work with his excitement to moving vehicles. He has immensely improved in this area! He tends to fixate and lunge toward oncoming vehicles. He’s great on leash during quieter times, such as during his morning walk; however, evening walks can be tough as there are more people on the road. This will continue to be a work in progress. This being said, he is great in the car, and he has not shown to be reactive of the moving vehicles while riding in the car.


Type of Home Ideal For Mr. Knox: He is brilliant and needs a solid structure. He interacts well with people/dogs she meets, and we hope for a quiet, socially low-active level home. A residence that, while visiting family plus friends and having people over, does not host frequent BBQs or gatherings of large groups. We do not want to see him in a home with a high level of travel, with other people taking care of him. She is loyal and loves his people, and we want him to be part of the family if they go camping, go to the cottage, or do other fun travels. He is social and needs a home that is like him. One that shall not overwhelm him. He would adore cottage life or hang out at home with his family. Visiting friends, family, pet stores, and pet-friendly places is excellent too. We want a quietly active home for Mr. Knox. He is happy, healthy, and a joy!

He MUST go to a home that will continue to work on exposing him to new, fun, and beautiful things in the world. Time, patience, and effort have gone into having him be comfortable in his skin, to not only like yet love his own company. We are not advocates of dog parks. Many private properties rent out space for acreage rentals so that he can enjoy a controlled environment to run and zoom in.

We want him to look forward to the next adventures plus experiences. he needs a home that will give her new positive and great safe, memorable experiences along with structure, consisteny, plus patience. If you are a home that likes to take infrequent walks/hikes/strolls, Mr. Knox is not for you…he is a healthy dog and needs to be kept emotionally and physically stimulated. He would make a great companion to get out into nature, explore, and enjoy the beach and other exciting adventures! He is also a great companion when watching movies or curled up with a good book.

A home that understands and shall continue to help him learn about this big fantastic world that we live in. We want him to live a quality-filled, enriched life. He is being fostered in a lovely home in the Aurora area yet can equally live comfortably in the city or country.

We want him to be happy and to live his best life every day. We want him to reach his full incredible potential!

He is another versatile BHRR dog! He can be in a home that works ft; pt works from home, is semi-retired or retired, etc. He will ONLY go to a home prepared to ensure he receives the balance he requires with proper exercise, socialisation, etc.

He does need to go to a dog-experienced home, yet not specifically a Bouvier-specific experienced home. The home must be committed to his obedience, structure, and consistency, and to be patient, kind, and understanding, and while not hermits, they are not doing a hundred things each day or weekly, or monthly. We want him to be treated as a beloved member in a right-matched forever-loving home. We want him to be an invaluable member of hid forever-loving adoptive home! He needs that right positive balance between patience, ‘tough’ love, calming assuring, and passively ignoring.

He is fed in a quiet place and knows that he will be fed enough food on time and that no one will take her away.

He loves home and his friends.

Personality/Temperament: Super loving, affectionate, calm, happy sweet; he loves to get outside to romp and run and is a delightful, playful pup! He needs to be emotionally/physically properly stimulated, social, active, gentle, plus kind. He thrives with consistency, structure, routine, and clear open communication to understand precisely what is expected of him. He is an active, healthy puppy!

Previous Dog Experience: Previous Dog experience is required per the above, and he needs a home that is going to be committed to his wellbeing and make the small adjustments required as he is still a puppy, still learning, and still mentally plus physically growing. He sleeps well, and ideally, while we would like to see him in a home with at least one right-matched personality-fit dog, it is not a deal breaker. He absolutely needs a strong doggie friend network in the community, though. That is so important. We have friends; he needs friends too. He has enjoyed making new canine friends. 

Good With Cats: Unknown.

Good with Pocket Pets: Unknown

Good with Children: We feel that any right-matched personality fit home for Mr. Knox should not have small or young children. We will consider homes with children 14 and older and no more than two children in the home.

Grooming: He needs regular grooming to keep his coat healthy and look his best. Regular grooming includes nails and ears. We have also had him professionally groomed during his time in rescue.

Car: He travels well in the car.

Housebroken/crate Trained: He is housebroken and crate trained. We never recommend giving any new addition too much freedom to start. It can be very overwhelming plus too stimulating for them.

Obedience: He requires a home that will be consistent and dedicated to continuing to help him become the best dog he can be. His potential is enormous! As per our adoption contract, a full round of group obedience is required with all of our dogs. This is not about having a dog that ‘listens.’ This is about creating a strong and mutually respectful bonding relationship. Trust and respect work both ways.

Activities Suited For Her: She would excel in obedience work. Great companion at home, a great companion for camping, cottaging, hikes, and exploring new things! He has a lot of personality!

Loves & Bad Habits:  Like any dog, he is not perfect. He is perfect in all of his imperfections, though! NOT to mention handsome. He still has some excitement issues when encountering cars on walks, mostly at night.

Anxieties/Worries: It is integral that the right-matched personality fit home and does not spend 24/7 with him. During this pandemic and even before it, we still need groceries; we should still go out and do errands; we should still get in our cars and go for a small drive to go somewhere to do something! Time has been spent having him learn to not only like yet enjoy his own company. As we need our alone time, he must do too. He is a solid and stable dog; we do not want any SA behaviours to develop.

As we have stated for over 27 years now, we will NEVER rush any dogs’ rehabilitation journey, we do not flip dogs, and we are not desperate to adopt them out.

We will always place up for adoption the dogs that can be adopted and safe haven all others that cannot be placed up for adoption due to medical and/or behavioural reasons.

We do not take in hundreds of dogs yearly; we only took in 18 dogs in 2022 as it is about helping the next in need of us, giving them top-quality care, and not about taking in numbers. In 2023, we have ONLY taken in 4 dogs to date.

After 27+ years, we know that we cannot please everyone, which means that BHRR is not the rescue to be followed, supported, and believed in by everyone. We remain small plus mighty, and as we go through this next transitional stage for BHRR, we shall continue to operate with a zero-tolerance approach, providing and beyond care to the animals.

Our mandates have never changed and will remain the same as long as we are around; the animals shall always be done right by as our priority.

Our adoption success rates remain second to no other group – 100% for over ten years of operating, and now 99% as we go through year 27, and we are excited as we go through this slow transition for BHRR!

You have done a THUMBS up job, as has your amazing foster home, Mr. Knox, and we are thrilled you are making your special announcement!

Stay tuned!
Mr. Knox, the 1-year-old Bouvier, will be making his own special announcement shortly!
Thank you to his really wonderful foster home for the great photos plus updates that they have regularly shared! 
He had his professional groom last week, and I am told he ROCKED it!

Mr. Knox was at the vet this week – Wednesday, May 10th  – Foster also said he was passing small amounts of urine, and we wanted to rule out marking vs a possible UTI.
The results of the urinalysis were normal, his bloodwork was negative for heartworm and tickborne diseases, he had his Lepto plus Lyme vaccines, and we asked to have dewormer and flea/tick plus heartworm dispensed for him.
His Vet bill was $548.19. We do not get a rescue discount at the hospital the foster uses.

Mr. Knox weighed 39 kgs(85.8 pounds) and turned one year of age on the 24th of April.

He will need boosters for his Lyme/Lepto in 4 weeks’ time.

He was placed on Gabapentin plus Trazodone at the shelter for anxiety, and as he has settled in, we are reducing the medications to wean him off. He is doing great! He does like to lunge at cars, and de-sensitization is being worked on.

He is not due for Rabies or DHPP until August 17th, 2023.

We are also working on scheduling him a professional groom, getting some professional photos, and then he will be ready to be placed up for adoption.


Gosh! Isn’t Mr. Knox, the Bouvier, so unbelievably handsome?!!
Vet visit is tomorrow, Wednesday.
Thank you to his fabulous foster family for the great photo and for taking such excellent care of him!

Well, it was a stressful transport, yet Mr. Knox is now safe with one of his foster mama Bernie, and making his way back to their home(Rachel).
Now, we are just waiting for Mr. Everest to arrive safely to his own lovely foster dad, Damion‘s caring arms.
Both transports have been difficult, and I will indeed rest better tonight!
It takes an army sometimes to make these rescues possible, and my heart is filled with so much gratitude for so many!

Mr. Knox! The just turned 1-year-old Bouvier.
Having a snooze on his transport!    

He is said to be mellow, sweet, and a real big black beauty! AND loves to sniff the back of people’s necks on the transport! 

He is also said to be very strong yet adorable! A bit nervous yet doing ok.

Those lack of training and manners which shall change once he is in rescue.
He is doing fantabulous and loved by the volunteers on his own transport to safety with BHRR!

This is a just-turned-1-year-old male neutered Bouvier. 
BORN: April 24th, 2022. Vaccinated (not due for DHPP & Rabies until August 17th, 2023) – we would do additional vaccines plus bloodwork as part of our protocols.Natural ears, natural tail.

The owner surrendered to the pound as he was too much of a giant puppy that the owners did not train. He jumped up on one of the owners, and they fell down – no injuries – and they feel he is too much for them.

He is affectionate, housebroken, excitable, curious, playful, friendly, and good with dogs, & children; lived with a min poodle, another Bouv, and a cat.

He was very gentle at the vets. And is now anxious at the shelter.

He needs to learn basic manners & to have more exercise to stimulate his brain and body.

The only exercise was daily walks when the owners were able to.
No bite history, just a big goof!
No known medical issues either.